Implants & Bridges

Dental Implant-Supported Bridges

A dental bridge is the traditional answer to replacing a lost tooth or up to a few adjacent teeth. A bridge consists of lifelike prosthetics (called pontics) bordered by supportive, equally lifelike dental crowns. Typically, the supportive crowns are bonded to neighboring healthy teeth for support, known as abutment teeth. With dental implants, you can support your bridge without having to modify any of your healthy tooth structure, improving your long-term oral health and your chances of preserving your beautiful smile.

Though conventional bridges are highly effective at restoring bite function and the appearance of a smile that’s missing teeth, the necessary modification of healthy teeth can make those teeth more susceptible to damage or decay. By contrast, implant-supported bridges combine the benefits of conventional bridges with the long-term benefits of implants, without the need to compromise remaining teeth for support.