How Do You Know If You Qualify For a Dental Implant?

California Implant restorationExperiencing the loss of a tooth can be rough, both cosmetically and functionally. When a tooth is missing from your smile, it can not only affect its appearance but your bite, jaw support, and overall functionality. In the event this occurs, a great solution includes the placement of a dental implant, as it not only provides a means to fill the gap between teeth, but it then becomes a part of your smile as well. At Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in California, ensuring your comfort and support when receiving an implant is our priority, and are ready to give you a happier, healthier smile with our custom restoration options.


Can Implants Really Prevent Your Denture from Moving?

For many people who wear conventional dentures, one of the common drawbacks is waiting for the restoration to eventually lose its grip and become loose. While modern dentures can be designed to closely match the contour of your dental ridge for a comfortable, secure fit, this fit can change over time, causing the restoration to grow loose and move around uncomfortably over your dental ridge. Fortunately, this problem can be solved for many people by choosing to support their denture on a series of dental implant posts, which can successfully address the underlying causes of loose and moving dental restorations. (more…)

Should Your Replacement Tooth Include a Dental Implant?

The healthy, natural form and function of your teeth are optimal for their long-term health and integrity. Unfortunately, several different conditions may impact the overall function of your teeth, and the loss of one of them can be a significant one. When it comes to dealing with tooth loss, the best way to restore your oral health and avoid the potentially serious consequences of it is to replace the tooth with a lifelike restoration as soon as possible. With their unique ability to replace the roots of lost teeth, dental implants are often the optimal solution. (more…)

How Dental Implants Become Part of Your Smile

There are many reasons why patients who experience tooth loss choose dental implants to restore their smiles. Most of these reason stem from the simple, but significant, difference between implants and traditional restorations – the ability to replace your lost teeth roots. Dental implant restorations include prosthetic dental crowns, bridges, and dentures that are supported by one or a series of root-like posts. Each post is designed to become a part of your smile’s foundation, making your restoration more closely mimic the form, function, comfort, and stability of your healthy, natural teeth. (more…)

Signs that You Might Be at High Risk of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss isn’t always as predictable as it might seem. For example, not everyone is destined to experience it, as many people might believe. In most cases, it results from a differently, highly preventable or treatable oral health condition. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, and by ignoring or overlooking seemingly minor oral health concerns, they can allow their risks of tooth loss to become much higher than they expected. Today, we explore a few telling signs that you might be at a higher risk of tooth loss than you realize, and how you might be able to still prevent it and preserve your natural smile. (more…)

Need a Tooth Extracted? Replace It with a Dental Implant

Having to extract a tooth can sometimes be surprising, but once you know it’s necessary, the loss of the tooth structure will no longer be a surprise. Despite this, losing the tooth’s natural structure can still have several important consequences for your immediate and long-term oral health. That’s why tooth extraction is only recommended when it’s absolutely necessary, and that’s also why we often recommend replacing the extracted tooth with a dental implant restoration. Only a dental implant can replace the extracted tooth’s root as well as its visible crown structure, thereby helping you avoid most of the consequences that could stem from losing the tooth. (more…)

How Bridges and Dentures Perform with Dental Implants

Many people who’ve experienced tooth loss rely on a custom designed dental bridge or denture to maintain their healthy smiles and bite function. This is important for many different reasons, including the positive impact it has on helping them regain their confidence in their smiles’ appearance. However, even highly lifelike conventional bridges and dentures have room for improvement. Most importantly, they can often use the help of one or more dental implant posts to provide the same level of support as healthy, natural teeth roots. (more…)

Jawbone Grafting’s Role in Restoring Your Smile

Different oral surgery procedures can address a wide range of concerns with your oral structures, most of which can have complex impacts on several different aspects of your oral health. However, when it comes to the strength, health, and integrity of your jawbone structure, the range of these impacts can often be more significant. As the foundation of your smile, your jawbone needs to be in good health for the rest of your oral structures to enjoy the support that it’s meant to provide. Today, we examine how jawbone grafting may play a substantial role in restoring your smile if this structure is compromised. (more…)

Replacing a Tooth With an Implant Before It’s Lost

After losing a tooth, the need to replace it can be a relatively obvious need. However, in some cases, your dentist or oral health specialist can determine when a tooth is going to be lost and can’t be saved. In such cases, waiting for the tooth to fall out could allow the condition that causes it to grow worse. For the sake of your oral health and restoring your overall bite function, it may be a good idea to remove and replace the tooth before it’s lost on its own. (more…)

When Dental Implants Are the Best Next Step

The term, tooth loss, can seem pretty straightforward at first glance. However, the specifics surrounding your tooth loss and replacement can be vastly different than those of other people, and this may impact the details of your smile restoration plan. For many people who experience tooth loss, the best solution for addressing it is by having one or more dental implant posts placed to restore their lost teeth roots. Yet, this can have different implications depending on the state of your oral health, the presence of a traditional bridge or denture, and other factors surrounding your tooth loss. (more…)