Implants & Dentures

Dental Implants and Partial/Full Dentures

Dentures are required when few or no teeth remain on one or both dental ridges. They’re designed to completely rebuild a smile and restore its appearance as well as its ability to bite and chew.  Yet conventional dentures can only address the long-term consequences of your missing roots when secured to a series of dental implants. In addition to replacing the visible, functional crowns of your teeth, implant dentures also restore jawbone stimulation, which may be completely lost if you’re missing all of your teeth.

Because dental implants are designed to sustain a maximum amount of bite pressure, one implant post can do the work of more than one tooth root. Therefore, you won’t need an implant for every lost root. On the contrary, implant-supported dentures can often be effectively secured on as few as 6-8 implant posts. For many patients, All-On-4® implants can make the procedure even more conservative by utilizing only four implant posts to support a complete denture.