Become Familiar With Our Implant Services

Fortunately, if you’re in need of dental implants, you have been thinking about them, you don’t know much but you heard a detail that caught your attention (you get the idea), you’re in the right place. We offer a full spectrum of options and services that will allow you to make the leap from a patient dealing with tooth loss to one who enjoys a beautiful, complete smile. Gain a clearer picture of all that we offer by making your way through a brief rundown of what you can expect from our practice.

Interested In Implants?

Fortunately, whatever your tooth loss looks like, you have access to a full offering of teeth replacement solutions with dental implant support. To learn more about which is best for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Your choices include:

  • Single implant and crown
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Full arch restoration

About Our Comprehensive Treatments

Not only do we provide you with a full selection of dental implant solutions, from an implant and crown to implant-supported bridges and dentures but we also offer a comprehensive array of associated treatments. The journey toward receiving implants can be a very simple one or it can bring with it additional requirements to ensure your smile is ready to support this tooth replacement solution. As a result, our team of implant experts provides the following to ensure every interested individual has access to the technology necessary for candidacy and a wonderful experience, including:

  • Implant Technology
  • Sedation
  • Dental Extractions
  • Bone Grafting
  • Sinus Lifts
  • Ridge Preservation

Visit Our Team For Dental Implants

To replace missing teeth with a dental implant approach that will work for you, come see us today for a consultation! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.