Month: March 2018

Extractions: Why Can’t I Use A Straw?

You would think after a tooth extraction that in order to bypass your empty socket to promote healing, it would make sense to use a straw to drink. After all, couldn’t you even drink soup, smoothies, and more this way, while you avoiding chewing for a bit? Well … it’s not exactly a good idea…. Read more »

A Couple Things To Remember About Your Oral Surgeon

There are some things you probably haven’t thought about in regard to your oral surgeon. For instance, do you know what to expect from your surgeon? Do you know what our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons provide in terms of treatments? Are you certain about the way our team goes about providing treatments and… Read more »

Your Visit: 3 Things You Might Want To Bring With You

Whatever it is you’re coming in for, whether to discuss your oral health, to receive oral surgery, etc., it’s normal to feel just a bit uncertain about things. This is particularly true when you haven’t seen an oral surgeon for a procedure or appointment before. While we offer sedation and are happy to give you… Read more »

Choosing An Implant And Crown: What’s It Mean?

You will hear a lot of terms and learn a lot of new things when it comes time to consider dental implants for your smile. The information that will make you smile is the fact that no matter how many teeth you are missing or whether your smile is ready right now for implants, there’s… Read more »

Remember: Extractions Are Not Punishments

Maybe you think to yourself that you’ve done something very wrong to end up requiring a dental extraction. The truth is, while it’s entirely possible you have neglected a tooth and, as a result, it requires removal, this is no punishment! It’s a treatment that rescues your smile or that paves the way for the… Read more »

When The Cause Of Your Anxiety Is Sedation

Usually, we like to suggest dental sedation for patients who appear to feel anxious about their upcoming visit or treatment. So, what happens when the main reason you’re experiencing anxiety is the fact that the idea of receiving IV sedation (or otherwise) is putting you on edge? Fortunately (and you may be surprised to learn… Read more »

3 Reasons To Head Straight For Implants

You may find as you approach the world of tooth replacement choices for yourself that it’s to your benefit to think through the multiple solutions out there. Maybe you should consider a traditionally supported bridge. Perhaps you should go with a traditional full or partial denture. However, there may actually be some reasons to head… Read more »

Answers You Need: Halitosis And Implants

If you find that you’re dealing with bad breath that isn’t going anywhere no matter what you do, you likely recognize this isn’t good for your smile. Instead, you may begin wondering about the connection between halitosis and your dental implants. Should you be doing something to clear the yucky breath problem? Is it indicative… Read more »

Frequently Asked Jaw Health Questions

When it comes to questions about your jaw health and the way it relates to dental implant candidacy, things can feel quite complicated. That is, until you come in to see us to have questions answered, explanations provided, and plans crafted for your future complete smile. To get started? We suggest a quick round of… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Tips For Your Smile

As we get closer and closer to the official arrival of spring, do you have spring cleaning on your mind? It never sounds like very much fun in the beginning but the results always make the effort so very worthwhile! The same might be said if you were to apply this annual clean out to… Read more »