Month: July 2020

What You Don’t Have to Worry About With Dental Implants

After successfully dealing with any oral health concern, you can ideally stop worrying about it and any potential affects it might cause your smile. The right oral health treatment can help you address most oral health concerns in a way that stops their progression entirely and helps you restore any natural tooth structure or oral… Read more »

What to Know if You Need Jawbone Grafting

The fact that everyone’s smile is unique can have greater implications than you might realize at first. Not only does it mean that your smile looks like no one else’s, it also means that the oral health concerns you experience and the appropriate methods of addressing them can also be unique to your specific oral… Read more »

The Point of Extracting and Replacing a Tooth

For most concerns that involve the health and integrity of your teeth, addressing the concern typically means preserving as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. Doing so improves the long-term state of your oral health, and in many cases, it means avoiding the loss of the tooth. However, in severe cases, saving a tooth… Read more »

How Dental Implants Perform Long-Term

The appearance of your smile is an important aspect of your oral health, but healthy and attractive teeth are much more than just accessories. They play several vital roles in your everyday life, and when you lose a tooth, the consequences can be more complex than you realize at first. Because of this, many patients… Read more »

How Implants Stop Your Restoration from Moving

Today’s modern dental restorations, such as bridges and dentures, have advanced significantly from their traditional versions. For instance, today’s bridges and dentures can replicate your healthy, natural tooth structure so well that they remain virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your smile. However, if you’ve worn a dental bridge or denture for a while, then… Read more »