Month: April 2018

Oral Surgery And Your Youthful Appearance

Do you feel that the appearance of your smile ages you? Perhaps it makes you feel older unto yourself as a result of the way your mouth feels or what you see when you look into the mirror. Whatever the case, you may recognize that something about your grin is causing this problem but isolating… Read more »

What Can Oral Surgery Improve?

You’ve heard a lot about the fact that you may be able to see some serious improvement with your smile soon because your dentist has suggested oral surgery. This sounds good, of course, because a smile that’s in excellent condition is always a beneficial state to enjoy. However, whether you’re planning on receiving implants, you… Read more »

Pressing Questions: Implant Dentures And Implant Posts

Choosing to replace an arch of teeth with an implant-supported denture is something that will be met with our approval, a lot of benefits, and the promise of a future with a smile that continues to provide you with the beauty and support you deserve! While all sounds well and good upon presentation, you may… Read more »

Your Implant And Crown: 3 Things It Won’t Cause

When you decide that you think a dental implant and crown is the best way to go about replacing your missing tooth (or you choose to replace multiple missing teeth with single implants and crowns), you may not realize just how many potential problems you’re sidestepping. What do we mean by this? Well, you have… Read more »

Reconsider Implants: Fixed Replacements Offer Serious Advantages

Perhaps you spent a moment thinking about dental implants for your smile in the past. However, you decided against them, followed through with prosthetics supported in the traditional way (relying on your mouth’s own tissues as the framework for support), and now you know just what these devices are like. Are you perfectly happy with… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Your Bite Problems

If you have gone through the experience of receiving a tooth replacement like a dental implant with us, then you know it’s extremely important that your bite is balanced beautifully once the replacement is complete. This means that when you close your teeth together, top and bottom teeth sit within one another comfortably. If your… Read more »

What You Should Know About Dentures!

You may have some negative ideas about dentures. When you hear someone talk about implant dentures, you lump this information in with the rest of the knowledge you have (which is based entirely on traditional denture support), and you may end up missing out on the chance to learn about this very different tooth loss… Read more »

Extractions: The Simple Questions You Think Nobody Else Asks

There are some simple questions you may find that you have about tooth extractions that, due to their simplicity, you feel embarrassed to bring up. You may even think that you’re the only person out there thinking them, which makes you feel even more hesitant to open your mouth and let the question out. As… Read more »

Smile Preservation: Why And How?

If you take a look through our website and the services that we offer, one thing will become quite apparent: One of our main goals is to preserve your smile. This might occur through a variety of methods and may have several meanings. For instance, we can help you retain your natural tissue. We can… Read more »