Month: April 2019

Considering Implants: 3 Ways To Interpret Your Indecisiveness

Suddenly, you realize it: You’re caught within the grips of indecisiveness, even though all signs point to the fact that dental implants would make a wonderful solution for you! So, what do you do now? Should you read into your inability to make that final choice in a negative way? Perhaps you don’t really want… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Helpful Answers About Impaction

You hear a lot about the fact that if you have impacted wisdom teeth, then you are going to need to wisdom teeth removal. You have some ideas about what impaction means but then you speak with a friend and your definitions clearly do not line up. Our Rohnert Park, CA team knows you may… Read more »

I Want Implants But…Will I Qualify?

One of the major aspects of considering dental implants that can cause patients to feel unsure is the topic of candidacy. You may have heard information that leads you to believe not everyone qualifies when they feel ready for implants, which can be true! However, it’s important you remember that your smile and experiences are… Read more »

Implants: Checking Off Your Major Requirements!

You have some ideas about what you want before you even start considering specific tooth replacement treatments. Of course, our Rohnert Park, CA team is certainly aware of this, which is why we love introducing you to dental implants! To help you get started, we’d like to help you focus on the bigger picture stuff…. Read more »

3 Things To Consider: Once Your Implants Are Complete!

When you get to the end of your dental implant adventure, implants are in place and restored, and you’re back to life with a full smile, you might enjoy a sense of renewal and relief! You have a complete smile again and it’s something you just don’t need to worry about anymore. How wonderful! With… Read more »

Unique Scheduling And Oral Surgery: What To Do

You realize that most people have some sort of scheduling issues to deal with but when it comes to you and your needs for oral surgery, you may feel quite unique! Our Santa Rosa, CA team understands this. Since surgery generally means more than a quick trip to the office but also includes some amount… Read more »

Implants: Last Call For Major Progress By Fall!

Remember, no two patients are exactly alike, have the same dental history, or the exact same set of needs and preferences. However, there are some general timeline details you can expect when you choose dental implants to replace your teeth. In a nutshell: You’ll require several months of time (if not more) from the moment… Read more »

Reactions You May Get From Loved Ones When You Choose Implants

When the people in your life hear that you’re planning on receiving dental implants to get your smile back to its whole, healthy self again, you may get one of any number of reactions from them! What you want, of course, is for each and every last family member and friend to be happy for… Read more »

Your Extraction: Why You’ll Feel Silly You Ever Worried

Our Santa Rosa, CA team gets it! You don’t want to come in for a dental extraction, you don’t want to even think that you could possibly need one, and you’d rather just not think about it. As a result, you may spend lots of time putting it off, worrying about lots of “what if”… Read more »

Keeping Your Motivation Up: Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a very particular type of experience. Your smile not only makes up a very significant portion of your appearance and, as a result, your identity and self-esteem but it is also one of your most used and most powerful tools! So, when this feature becomes incomplete, it’s a lot to deal with!… Read more »