Month: December 2018

Dental Implants and Sedation: A Few Notes

Have you made the decision to learn more about dental implants in 2019? Or maybe you suspect they are right for you, and you’ve made a consultation appointment to determine if dental implants in Rohnert Park, CA are the best option to improve your smile. One aspect many patients wonder about concerns the potential for… Read more »

Implant Info: When You Hate To Read

We know students learn differently, and that applies to adults as well. If you are considering, or have been recommended for dental implants, you might be wondering how to get your questions answered. Have you gone online and found plenty of writing, but nothing that is easy to understand or answers the particular questions you… Read more »

Why Would You Say No To Implants?

Are there reasons that, when asked if you’re planning on dental implants for your tooth loss, you would likely immediately just say no? If so, we want to offer you slightest suggestion that before you assume they’re not a good choice for you, you take time to reconsider those reasons you would dismiss them in… Read more »

What Does A New Year Mean For You?

Our Santa Rosa, CA team is curious about something in particular that has nothing to with Christmas (though we bet you thought we were about to mention this merry holiday!). In fact, we are curious about the new year. Are you someone who is quite intent on making the most of crafting deep and meaningful… Read more »

Major Qualifying Reasons To Say “Yes” To Implants

There are little reasons that you can come up with when you start the conversation in your head about whether dental implants are a good choice for you. You may think about reasons, such as “I want them!” or, “They are supposed to be the best!” However, when it comes to those reasons you feel… Read more »

Dental Implants: Customizing Your Full Experience

When you realize that the approach you would like to make for yourself is to rely on dental implants, there may be one thing left on your mind: You wonder just how “custom” implants really are for your smile. When our Rohnert Park, CA team talks about guiding you through a personalized plan that we… Read more »

Smile Damage: How What’s “Ruined” Can Be New Again

You may worry that your smile is ruined. When you look in the mirror, you might not see potential but instead just see all of the challenges that you’re facing. This may cause you to feel somewhat defeated. While we know that things can seem and even look really bad (they might feel bad, too!)… Read more »

Implants: Things You Get To Choose

You might notice that when you really start thinking about taking time to explore dental implants with our Santa Rosa, CA team, you worry that you’ll feel sort of stuck. You feel concerned that you’re going to come in, we’ll narrow things down, and you’ll just have to go by our decisions, ideas, rules of… Read more »