Month: August 2021

Tooth Extraction And Dental Implants

santa rosa extraction and implants

Often, tooth extraction and dental implants are related. Perhaps we’re preparing your smile for a new set of dentures, or may we want to fill the gap once a tooth is taken out. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons will talk about how we safely and comfortably perform a tooth extraction.

How Do We Ensure A Comfy Implant Placement?

santa rosa implant placement

Dental implant placement will help address tooth loss, whether minor or extensive. The placement process involves oral surgery, and we take steps to ensure the procedure is a comfortable and relaxing one. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons discuss implant placement and dental sedation.

Overseeing Implant Placement With Technology

santa rosa placing implants

The dental implant process means we insert new roots into your jaw, and restores them with crowns or dentures. To ensure we replace missing teeth with advanced technology properly, we plan and guide the process with digital systems from x-rays to intraoral cameras. In today’s blog, find out how your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons… Read more »

Implant Dentures On Only Three Posts!

santa rosa trefoil implant dentures

We’ve talked about how we support a full set of dentures on only four dental implant posts, but did you know a full set could be supported with just three? The Trefoil™ system is a great choice for people who have lost mass and density in their jawbone, and don’t want to undergo bone grafting… Read more »