Month: February 2019

Dental Implants: So, Why Do They Take So Long?

Patients excited about dental implants often feel less excited about the fact that they may have to wait patiently through the process of placement, recovery, and then the final restoration. When you first learn about implants and feel that they are the right choice for you, one of your first questions may be: But why… Read more »

Comprehensive Care: All About Implants

When you are ready for dental implants, it’s important that you realize you’re coming to our Rohnert Park, CA team with just about everything you could possibly need within reach. For some, there will be a swift and minimal process that will lead you toward the complete smile you’re striving for. As for others, you… Read more »

Dental Implants: Worries We Can Help You Dismiss

Dental implants for your smile! Wow, what an amazing option to have at your very fingertips! You know this, of course, but you also know that there’s a whole lot to learn, that you’re definitely ready to see (and feel) your smile looking like your smile again, but then you feel that feeling: The one… Read more »

Dental Implants And Crowns: Reasons To Get Excited

You know that you have access to a variety (a wide variety, that is) of options when you’re seeking out suitable solutions for your tooth replacement. You want to replace the missing tissue that once resided in your smile with something that’s as close as you can get to your original tooth. When this is… Read more »

3 Times You’re Too Hard On Your Implants

You may not think a lot about it but you may be too hard on your dental implants some of the time. Is this a terrible thing? Well, if your goal is to maintain your implants for the rest of your life (which, is a possibility!) and to do your best to keep your restorations in… Read more »

How Can An Extraction Be A Good Thing?

You may think that a dental extraction is “bad.” We understand, of course, why you feel this way! In many instances, a tooth needs removal because it is damaged or diseased. However, our Santa Rosa, CA team would like to encourage you to think about the future of your oral health, rather than worrying about… Read more »

Reminders: Implants And Your Active Lifestyle

One thing that many patients never put together until after it happens? The fact that you can end up losing a tooth or multiple teeth simply by enjoying an active lifestyle! Whether you’re working out and have an accident with equipment or you are playing team sports and end up with a strong impact to… Read more »

Implant Interest: If You Answer “Yes” To Just One Question!

Here you are. You’re on the market for tooth replacement ideas for one reason or another. Maybe you have a tooth that is going to be removed and you’re ahead of the game. Perhaps you are already missing a tooth or teeth. Whatever your particular circumstance, you may be facing this common problem: You have… Read more »

Dental Implant Wearers: 3 Things To Ask Yourself Every Night

When you wear dental implants, at first, you may feel very aware of the new “teeth” in your smile. Of course, you want to do your best to maintain your grin, to keep your smile complete, and to enjoy those implants and restorations for the rest of your life! Therefore, you treat them with kid… Read more »

Factors In Preventing Future Tooth Loss

So, you have come to us for a dental implant and restoration and you love the results. You are so happy to have your complete smile back and feel over-the-moon about the fact that tooth loss is finally something you can put behind you. Or, is it, you wonder? Beyond life’s little accidents you just… Read more »