Month: October 2019

Don’t Lose Teeth On Halloween: Shocking Risk Factors! 

Happy Halloween! Are you ready for a day and evening full of fun, while you ensure you’re not taking any serious risks that could lead to tooth loss? If you’re quite knowledgeable about smile protection and the like, then you just might be nodding your head! If you’re like many of our Rohnert Park, CA… Read more »

When Your Spouse Is Considering Dental Implants

Most of the time, you hear us talking with you about how to move forward when you’re considering dental implants for your own smile. However, you may find yourself in a different situation: Your spouse is thinking about choosing implants for his or her tooth loss! Suddenly, you wonder, what’s your role in this experience,… Read more »

Making The Change To Implants: Common Sources Of Inspiration 

There’s something to be said about realizing that though you’ve been going through your daily life with prosthetics that rely on traditional support, you’ve come to the decision to make a change. You’d prefer dental implants and restorations to replace your missing teeth, instead! What type of moment, shift, or reasoning compels our Santa Rosa,… Read more »

How To Make Room For Dental Implants

When you talk about considering a change for yourself, a phrase that may come up includes the act of “making room.” When it comes to just about any major shift, including selecting dental implants, this mindset applies. Do you have room in your life for implants at the moment and, if you’d really like to… Read more »

Dental Implants: The Easy Way Vs. The Hard Way 

Who loves doing things the easy way? If you’re raising your hand (or are at least thinking that this certainly sounds good), then you probably prefer the easy way over the hard way, like most people! However, when the topic is considering and choosing to select dental implants for your smile, you may not realize… Read more »

Autumn And Winter Hydration: Implant Protection You Need!

Yes, we definitely understand your shock when we bring up your hydration during autumn and winter. You may think to yourself but it doesn’t even get that cold! Or, but there must be something more pressing to consider for implant protection! We understand why you might have such thoughts, which is why our Santa Rosa,… Read more »

Your Missing Tooth: Problems It May Cause! 

You have lost one tooth. As a result, you have been referred to our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice (or you have discovered us on your own) and may have spent some time looking through our website. You see that we can replace that one tooth with a dental implant, which we can then restore… Read more »

Implant Services: What’s This Really Mean?

You know that our Santa Rosa, CA team provides you with dental implant services. In a vague, general way, you know that this means we can help you move on from the tooth loss you have experienced, as we provide you with implants. However, you have realized that there’s more involved in this process but… Read more »

Implants Don’t Require Justification: Here Are The Only Reasons Needed

There may be something about considering dental implants that causes you to feel as though you need to justify your decision. You might feel like you owe yourself justification for choosing to invest in them. You may feel as though the people around you are going to require some sort of explanation! However, once you… Read more »

Implants: When The Answer Is YOU

When you deal with tooth loss, you may find that you feel a bit like you don’t have much control over things. One moment your smile was complete and now it isn’t, which can make it seem like things have been happening to you. It’s not the nicest feeling in the world, particularly when you… Read more »