Month: May 2018

Dry Mouth: Your Oral Surgeon Offers Tips!

You probably know that when your smile is feeling sticky and your mouth feels parched, all is not well in the world of your personal oral health. This is not what you want, of course, whether you’re planning for a procedure, you have dental implants, etc. What you want is a healthy smile that’s comfortable,… Read more »

Implants: Things You Should Feel Comfortable Asking About

You may feel like what you’re supposed to do during an implant consultation is come in, tell us you want implants, and then agree to whatever we suggest. What you’re overlooking is that there are so many more options than you may be aware of, so if there’s any particular detail that’s important to you,… Read more »

Dental Implant Interest: Why Not Call Us Right Now?

We know that you may convince yourself that choosing dental implants is such a big deal that the event of actually calling and coming in to learn more about them starts to become an overwhelming thought. Rather than thinking of it as simply scheduling a quick consultation like you might for anything else, it’s momentous!… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: 2 Things To Forget About

There are some particular thoughts we find often fill the minds of our tooth extraction patients. While we would be overjoyed if these thoughts were all optimistic and relaxed in nature, we must admit they often lean toward the not-so-positive end of the spectrum. Of course, especially if oral surgery is new to you, it’s… Read more »

Quizzing You On: Wisdom Teeth!

Are you very knowledgeable when it comes to wisdom teeth removal? Or, do you think that while you know it’s a very common procedure, you don’t have the breadth of information regarding reasons to choose this form of oral surgery that you need? For instance, is it a smart choice for your kids? Is it… Read more »

Trefoil Full-Arch: An Introduction

When you learn about dental implants, you hear a lot about full customization, individual implants and crowns, or a handful of implants supporting a larger prosthetic. As a result, when you learn about the Trefoil Full-Arch system, you may find yourself scratching your head in wonder. It relies on fewer crowns, the system uses a… Read more »

How To: Affordable Dental Implants

You may spend time wondering what to do about your feeling that implants are perfect for you and the fact that you’re under the impression they are also absolutely not within your budget. We understand that this can feel frustrating and often causes patients to simply walk away from the idea rather than investigate it… Read more »

Sedation: Really, There’s No Stigma!

You may feel like asking about dental sedation if you’re not about to undergo major oral surgery is just something that you shouldn’t be doing. If for some reason, you feel there’s some stigma attached to sedation for something like nervousness or general dental anxiety, we strongly encourage you to think again! Let’s cover some… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Hidden Culprits Causing Tooth Loss

There are only so many times that restorative care can save a tooth. There’s also a limit to the lengths that this field of dentistry can go to save your dental tissue. As a result, there are two things to consider when you’re wondering why you’re dealing with tooth loss, despite your best efforts. Let’s… Read more »

Will I Definitely Need Implants As I Age?

You may wonder if you’re going to need dental implants as you age even if you do not have them now. There’s most certainly a commonly held belief that losing your teeth is a normal part of “old age” and that with each passing birthday, you’re closing to missing teeth and a need for prosthetic… Read more »