Month: October 2018

Why Do Dental Implants Require So Much Time?

As much as you love the thought of dental implants, you may also feel just a tad stressed about the amount of time it can take to receive them. Why does the entire experience take so much time, you may ask yourself, after you’ve been considering other solutions like a traditional bridge or denture? We… Read more »

Nighttime Habits That Can Harm Your Implants!

Did you know that your smile habits that you’ve either mastered (or that could be a bit better) that occur right around the time you go to bed can have an extremely significant impact on your dental implants? It’s true! When your goal is, of course, to promote their absolute success, you may still accidentally… Read more »

Why We Suggest: Never Ignore Symptoms With Dental Implants

Just about everyone is prone to wanting to ignore symptoms that crop up. There’s always the chance that a little change or moment of discomfort is really nothing at all and, since we know this to be true, we often cling to this! However, when we’re talking about your oral health with dental implants, we… Read more »

3 Things Your Implants And Restorations Are Not

There’s something quite magical about dental implants and restorations. One second, you don’t have your tooth any longer. The next, you’ve got a titanium post acting as your roots (and that have actually bonded with your jawbone), it’s supporting a beautiful, lifelike artificial tooth (or teeth), and your tooth loss is a distant memory! If… Read more »

Oral Surgery And Your Smile: Getting The Right Information

Remember that when you’re getting misinformation, a lot of things are going on, particularly when it comes to learning about oral surgery and your smile. First, you may find that some of the incorrect details you hear make you feel scared. You may become disappointed, when the information you gather makes you think you have… Read more »

Remember: Times When Oral Surgery Is About Choice!

Within oral health care, there are absolutely times when there is something your smile needs in order to return to its good health. However, there are also other times in which coming in to talk with our Rohnert Park, CA oral surgery team is all about you making choices for your smile based on things… Read more »

How A Fixed Implant Denture Is Holiday Worthy

We know that with the holidays rolling our way, one of the things you may be spending quite a lot of time reflecting on is your smile. You are missing your teeth and, as a result, there’s a lot to consider, to plan, and to try to prevent in regard to this otherwise special and… Read more »

Why Do I Need Oral Surgery? My Smile Seems Healthy!

One of your jobs as a patient is to keep your smile healthy. You assume this just means following through with plaque removal with brushing and flossing, as well as professional cleanings. What you might not realize is that it’s up to you, as well, to consider the structure and function of your smile and… Read more »

How Implants Fix That Hygiene Problem

When you talk about the benefits you can expect from dental implants with our Santa Rosa, CA team, the common topics will definitely include the way your smile looks, how it functions, and how long the implants will last (a very long time). One thing that you might not see coming that we will probably… Read more »

When Can I Decide On Dental Implants?

There’s something about choosing dental implants for oneself that makes the idea of timing quite a hot topic. Patients frequently ask if they should get them immediately, if they have time to consider their options, and they wonder if they can simply learn about them but truly consider them in the future. We understand, of… Read more »