Month: May 2020

What Makes Dental Implants Biocompatible?

There are many different benefits that people appreciate about their dental implants, and all of them stem from the highly biocompatible nature of the dental implant posts. These are designed to replace the roots of your lost teeth as part of the foundation of your dental prosthesis, providing a higher level of support for the… Read more »

How Preserving Your Smile Is Easier with Dental Implants

Bouncing back from any oral health concern is about more than just dealing with the issue at hand. To protect your smile and oral health from problems in the future, your treatment should also focus on preserving your healthy, natural teeth and oral tissues as much as possible. In the case of tooth loss, this… Read more »

Why Adult Tooth Loss Is Such a Problem

When natural adult teeth are healthy, they have a good chance of lasting for life. They’re the strongest parts of your body, and they’re meant to bite and chew your food for as long as you need them to. This makes losing one or more adult teeth problematic for several different reasons. It’s typically caused… Read more »

Other Benefits of Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants

The best way to rebuild your smile after experiencing tooth loss is to replace as much of your lost tooth structure as possible. That includes the roots of your lost teeth, which makes dental implants so essential when it comes to addressing tooth loss. Dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth roots, which means… Read more »