Month: August 2020

When Dental Implants Are the Best Next Step

The term, tooth loss, can seem pretty straightforward at first glance. However, the specifics surrounding your tooth loss and replacement can be vastly different than those of other people, and this may impact the details of your smile restoration plan. For many people who experience tooth loss, the best solution for addressing it is by… Read more »

Do You Have to Do Anything to Qualify for Dental Implants?

Losing teeth is a serious concern, but fortunately, recovering from tooth loss isn’t as difficult as it used to be. With today’s highly lifelike dental restorations, including custom-designed dental bridges and dentures, most people can recover their healthy bite function and confidence in their smiles after experiencing tooth loss. With the addition of dental implants,… Read more »

Identifying Your Biggest Risk of Tooth Loss

The good thing about tooth loss is that, for many people, it isn’t as inevitable as they may believe. In fact, most people have a good chance of avoiding tooth loss completely by taking consistently good care of their teeth and oral health. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk for experiencing tooth loss…. Read more »

Relying On Dental Implants To Secure Your Dental Bridge

In many situations, a patient receiving a dental bridge will have their restoration secured with the use of two dental crowns, These are located at either side of the actual replacement tooth (or replacement teeth). Once the teeth surrounding a smile gap have been capped, a person can enjoy the stability of a permanent dental… Read more »