Month: September 2019

Your Implants And Halloween: Quick Reminders! 

There are quite a lot of serious, clinical, and complex details that may come into play throughout your experience with considering and receiving dental implants. However, now you have them. Your smile is complete. Things are good … but Halloween is headed our way! While it may certainly seem like a very simple challenge at… Read more »

Adult Patients: Aren’t I Just Too Young For Dental Implants?

You may feel as though you’re simply too young for dental implants. In fact, you may find yourself looking around, feeling as though you are simply too young to require tooth replacements, so you are having trouble proceeding. You wonder: Is our Santa Rosa, CA team sure you belong to the group of people researching… Read more »

Jawbone Grafting: To Choose It … Or Not To Choose It?

Let’s say you come in for an implant consultation with our friendly team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons. You have missing teeth and you are interested in dental implants! As we get to know you, one of the things we explain is that while you will be able to qualify in the future for implants,… Read more »

When You Want Implants: Hello, Desire And Intuition! 

Our Santa Rosa, CA team talks a lot about taking a very logical approach to selecting dental implants for yourself because we know that it’s a big deal. You’re considering oral surgery, a multi-month process, and these implants and restorations are going to be with you for an exceptionally long time. For patients who tend… Read more »

Lots Of Missing Teeth? Choose Dental Implants.

We know that you may guess, when you are missing a lot of teeth, an arch of teeth, or both arches of teeth, that this is not something that is treatable with dental implants. You don’t know why you think this exactly but there’s something that tells you implants are really just for a missing… Read more »

3 Ways Implants Offer A Big Sigh Of Relief

While you may not expect it, when you decide on dental implants and prepare to move forward, this choice may provide you with one exceptionally big sigh of relief. Why is this the case, you might wonder? Well, from our Rohnert Park, CA team’s perspective, it’s simply the fact that you don’t recognize just how… Read more »

Budget And Implants: Very Important Things To Remember

It’s easy to feel as though your budget is going to limit you too severely, when you’re debating whether or not to move in the direction of choosing dental implants for your smile. If you think that you are alone in thinking this, remember that you’re in very good company! However, before you shut the… Read more »

Why We Want You To Be Inquisitive About Implants

You may have the idea that we would prefer it if you would come in to our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, agree to dental implants, ask no questions, and head home. However, this is actually not the way we prefer for your implant consultation or follow up visits to go! Instead, we encourage you… Read more »

Dental Implants: Relying On Logic

Dental implants, as you may have heard, offer patients a comprehensive means of replacing teeth that are no longer present! While you may have immediately felt excited at this notion upon learning about implants, you may find that you sometimes worry you lead with your emotions as you make choices. As a result, approaching something… Read more »

4 Things To Expect From An Implant Consultation 

One thing you know without a shadow of a doubt is that our Santa Rosa, CA team strongly suggests you set up a dental implant consultation with us, when you have even the slightest interest in implants. Without coming in to see us, you’re left to your own ideas about implants, some potentially partially (or… Read more »