Month: May 2019

Implants: But Will I Lose The Things I Love About My Bridge?

If you’re a long-time dental bridge wearer, you may feel somewhat conflicted. On one hand, upon realizing that you could consider dental implants for yourself, you felt pulled in that direction because they offer a wealth of unique advantages that are hard to pass up. On the other hand, you actually like your bridge, so… Read more »

Ignoring Obstacles As You Prioritize Your Tooth Replacement

When you decide that you’re ready to say bye-bye to open spaces and that prioritizing a complete smile is your number one goal, do not be surprised if unexpected obstacles start to show up. For instance, you may tell yourself that coming in to see our Santa Rosa, CA team to discuss dental implants is… Read more »

For The Forgetful Dental Implant Patient

Are you a forgetful dental implant patient? Let us clarify: Are you someone interested in implants now that you know it’s time to decide how you’d like to replace your teeth that you’ve lost however…you’re a little bit worried? While you know that you want implants and you are generally responsible, is it also entirely… Read more »

Implants: Reminders To Fall Back On When You Worry

Right as you feel like your confidence is inching its way up in terms of dental implants, you may find little seeds of doubt that occasionally show up out of seemingly nowhere! What do you do with them? Do you give them tons of energy, allowing them to grow, as they begin to overtake the… Read more »

Worries That Won’t Affect You With Implants

There are some worries that become quite a common part of your daily and long-term experience when you select traditional prosthetics. It doesn’t mean that they’re not beneficial or that they don’t offer you a good solution for your smile after tooth loss. However, our Santa Rosa, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery practice does like… Read more »

Implant Dentures: Things You’re Not Certain About Yet

The thing that you’re certain about is that you are more than ready to say goodbye to what you’ve been dealing with lately: The consequences of tooth loss! The thing you’re not entirely certain about that has made its way into your bank of knowledge and tooth replacement options? Implant dentures! If you’ve recently begun… Read more »

Stuck In A “Maybe” Rut? We Can Help!

When you’ve got “yes!” on the mind, flying through the process of learning about new things, making decisions, and following through on treatments like dental implants for missing teeth feels exceptionally easy! However, when you find yourself in something of a “maybe” rut, it may suddenly feel like trudging through mud as you feel a… Read more »

Implants And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bad Breath

Of course, you should never ignore bad breath! However, when you’re someone who has successfully gone through the process of receiving dental implants and you are now enjoying life with a full, lovely smile, what you definitely don’t want is to do anything to put that work in harm’s way! Our Santa Rosa, CA team… Read more »

Learn About Implants In Comfort!

When you decide to see our oral surgery team in Rohnert Park, CA as your very initial introduction to dental implants, you might feel the slightest bit nervous. It’s new information in a new environment, it’s the start of a decision-making process that will have a strong impact on your lifelong oral health, and the… Read more »

Don’t Know What To Ask? Give Us The Topic!

Maybe you know there’s more to know…but you don’t know how to go about asking us, so you worry you’ll just never have the details you would really love in terms of considering dental implants. We understand! Our Santa Rosa, CA team also likes to remind you that we communicate with patients every single day,… Read more »