Month: February 2020

What to Expect After Losing Teeth

Tooth loss is the type of situation that will always impact your oral health once it occurs. However, what that impact looks like and how severe it is depends largely on how you address the loss of your teeth. If you don’t know how serious the consequences of tooth loss can be, then you might… Read more »

Is There a Way to Stop Your Dentures from Slipping?

If you’ve worn a partial or full denture for a while now, you may have pleasantly forgotten what it’s like to not have two full rows of teeth. However, dentures often have ways of reminding you that they’re there, such as unexpectedly slipping or shifting as you bite, chew, or speak to someone. This movement… Read more »

Going Over the Benefits of Implant Restorations

Restoring your smile after tooth loss can sometimes be a more comprehensive matter than you expect at first. For instance, you know that it’s important to close the gap in your smile, but you may not realize the importance of your restoration’s design and the way in which it’s supported. The main benefit of dental… Read more »