Month: July 2018

Full Tooth Loss? Consider A Fixed Hybrid Denture.

If your current situation includes facing full tooth loss for one arch of your smile or both and wondering what to do about it, our Santa Rosa, CA team has some thoughts for you. First, realize you probably have more options available to you than the amount of options you’ve been assuming you have. So,… Read more »

A Comprehensive Approach To Implant Planning

Sometimes, you lose a tooth or have one extracted, we plan for it, place the implant, you go through the whole process, and you’re good as new! In other cases, there are some details that make the journey slightly more complex. You may have a lot of questions for us. You may feel wonderful about… Read more »

Hydration: Surprises You Didn’t See Coming

We have talked before about the importance of keeping your smile nice and safe by ensuring you’re hydrated. This, of course, means drinking enough water every day. However, there’s more to it than that! If you’re not sure about how to stay hydrated or if you’re putting yourself into situations that aren’t what you’re used… Read more »

Wedding Time: What Is Your Wish For Your Smile?

When you’re about to experience your own wonderful wedding, if you’re about to enjoy the honor of mother or father of the bride, or even if you’re simply attending a loved one’s nuptials, there’s one thing that is always a constant: You want your smile to look beautiful. For those dealing with tooth loss in… Read more »

Jaw Tissue And Your Appearance: Choosing Implants!

You know from learning about dental implants in Rohnert Park, CA that they offer some major benefits associated with your jaw health. You hear a lot about the fact that this is very impressive because your jaw is so important! You also know that without a strong jaw, you aren’t going to be able to… Read more »

Important Questions About Chewing And Your Implants

One of the things you’re very aware of when figuring out how to handle your missing teeth is the fact that you want chewing to “go back to normal” like it was when you had your natural teeth in place. This is a more than reasonable request! After all, you chew throughout the day to… Read more »

You’ve Already Replaced Your Teeth: Why Switch To A Fixed Solution?

You’ve got your traditional bridge, partial, or denture in place. It’s letting you get by with showing your smile, with being able to eat, and with speaking. So, now that you’ve reached some level of comfort and security with your grin, why bother switching to a fixed solution with dental implants, you ask? Well, you… Read more »

Choosing Dental Implants For Your Smile: All Good Things!

When you talk with us about what it means to select dental implants for yourself, you may start wondering: So, what’s the good and what’s the bad? While it’s certainly possible for there to be pros and cons to any treatment you choose for yourself, we are always pleased to explain one thing in particular:… Read more »

Referred for Dental Implants? Don’t Panic!

We are all about helping you keep calm when dental procedures need to be addressed. Perhaps you just found out that an infected tooth cannot be saved. Maybe you sustained an accident that severely injured a tooth. Perhaps your family dentist clued you in about new implant methods that restore a full ridge of teeth… Read more »