Month: September 2018

Oral Surgery: 3 “C”s To Expect From Us

There are so many good things you can expect both from choosing oral surgery if you need it and from selecting our Santa Rosa, CA team to provide it for you! Of course, we are well aware that when you’re making your way through the experience of finding out what your smile requires and actually… Read more »

Considering Implants? Think In Small Increments.

If you’re loving thinking about dental implants but you’re having a hard time digesting the entire process all at once, we think you might feel better about things if you were to think about them in terms of increments. Much smaller ones, rather than trying to pack all of the details into one big picture,… Read more »

Implants: Why Feel Confident About Your Oral Surgeon?

If you like the idea of dental implants and you feel good about receiving them from an oral surgeon … but you don’t know how to feel confident about the whole thing just yet … our Santa Rosa, CA team is pretty sure we can help. What most patients would like is to feel good… Read more »

Protecting Dental Implants: Things You Might As Well Give Up

If you’re feeling like your experience with dental implants is one that you’re going to take more seriously than just about anything in your entire life, then you may be asking: What can I give up to ensure they remain safe for as long as possible? Of course, you know that you should give up… Read more »

Fixed Hybrid Dentures: 3 Ways To Look At Them Differently

You might see that we offer a fixed hybrid denture as an option for patients dealing with tooth loss. However, it might be something you’re not highly familiar with and something you immediately dismiss. Not so fast! Our Santa Rosa, CA team wants you to realize that if you shift your perspective on this solution… Read more »

Your “How Do I Know” Questions For Your Oral Surgeon

Do you have a lot of “how do I know” questions left unanswered at the moment? Maybe you wonder how you will know if dental implants are right for you, how you will know when to move ahead with plans, and more! We understand! This is a new area of dental care for you and… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Why You Don’t Actually Need To Worry About Them

You might find that one of those worries lingering in the back of your mind includes wisdom teeth removal. It might be for yourself. It might be for your child. Whatever the case, this somewhat foreign territory may lead to general upset since you’re not sure how to figure out what to do about them… Read more »

Dental Implants And Fixed Restorations: Making Traveling Easier

You may feel that there are likely endless benefits to selecting dental implants and fixed restorations for yourself when you lose teeth. However, delving deeper and deeper into those details may be something you have trouble navigating because, well, you aren’t an oral surgeon! You get the sense that advantages abound and you’d really like… Read more »

3 Things You Really Need to Do After Tooth Loss

When it comes to tooth loss, many people feel that the visual effects of it are the biggest things to worry about. After all, a smile with gaps in it isn’t usually considered as attractive as a full, healthy smile that still contains all of its teeth. However, the most obvious impacts of tooth loss… Read more »

Questions About Dental Implants And Sensitivity

When you feel a sudden pinch, zap, zing, or other intense sensation that we refer to as sensitivity, you may find yourself feeling completely unsure how to react. This, of course, is because you have dental implants and worry that such feelings might mean something quite serious! Remember: Sensitivity can happen as the result of… Read more »