Month: December 2019

Implant Information: Who Needs to Know?

Considering dental implants is a highly personal decision. Not everyone wants to share the intimate details of their smile with the world at large. One of the advantages of dental implants in Santa Rosa, CA is that not everyone needs to know you have them. Implants can securely hold a natural-looking bridge or denture, so… Read more »

How Dental Implants Help You Save the Rest of Your Teeth

For people who’ve lost teeth and need to replace them, dental implants are a popular solution for many reasons. Most importantly, they replace your lost teeth roots, which give a custom bridge or denture a much higher level of comfort and support. Yet, implants do a lot more than that, and for the sake of… Read more »

Would Implants Really Improve Your Bridge or Denture?

If you’ve worn a modern, custom dental bridge or denture for a while now, then you may have gotten used to having a full, healthy smile again. After having experienced tooth loss, that can be a great feeling. However, dental bridges and dentures can only do so much when it comes to rebuilding your smile,… Read more »

A Look at What Tooth Extraction Really Means

When you first learn that your tooth needs to be extracted, your initial reaction might not be one of relief. On the other hand, the prospect of extracting a tooth (and the fact that it’s necessary) can often seem like a significantly negative development. While it can be, the truth is that extracting the tooth… Read more »

Times When You Have to Wait for Dental Implants

One of the reasons why dental implants have grown so popular over the years is because they can be the ideal solution for many patients who’ve lost teeth and want to replace them. That’s because they aren’t designed according to how many teeth you’ve lost, but rather the need to give your dental prosthesis a… Read more »

Tooth Loss and the Value of Dental Implants

When you experience tooth loss, you might not need a reminder every day that it’s occurred. Anytime you smile, speak, eat, or brush and floss your teeth, you’ll likely be reminded that there’s an empty space where a healthy, natural tooth used to rest. However, just because you realize the loss of the tooth doesn’t… Read more »

Is Jawbone Grafting Necessary Before Implant Placement?

For patients who’ve lost one or more teeth, dental implants are often the preferable option for rebuilding their smiles. Not only do they support highly lifelike prostheses that closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth, but also come with biocompatible posts that mimic your healthy teeth roots. This is important for several reasons, not the least… Read more »

Ask Us How Implants Can Benefit You

For decades, dental implants have repeatedly proven to be the most lifelike option for many patients who wish to replace lost or extracted teeth. As root-like posts that are inserted into your jawbone, their realism stems from the fact that implants are the only solution for replacing the roots of your lost teeth. However, just… Read more »