Month: August 2018

Let’s Review: What Is It That Makes Implants So Unique?

When you start thinking about the fact that there are so many ways to replace missing teeth, you may start to wonder why people always seem to shine a light on dental implants, showcasing them as something unique and more impressive than other solutions. Is this really true, you ask yourself? What’s all the fuss… Read more »

3 Things That Get Easier With A Fixed Implant Denture

You might not think a whole lot about the little details of your day when you’re wholly absorbed in figuring out what to do about your missing teeth. You know that you find the exceptional roster of benefits that comes with dental implants to be quite extraordinary. However, when you discover there are far more… Read more »

Tooth Loss: What Procrastinating Ends Up Doing

We know that the decision to replace your teeth … or even to schedule a dental implant consultation with us … can feel like quite a big ordeal to you. We understand that when you don’t know the answers to what you’re going through with tooth loss or what to expect, you can find yourself… Read more »

Your Kids And Their Wisdom Teeth: Plan For Holiday Time!

Yes, we know that when it comes to figuring out when to schedule your children’s wisdom teeth removal, things can get a bit tricky. You have to consider their school, you have to think about when will work for them if they’re coming in from out-of-town college, and you know they will need a bit… Read more »

2 Ways To Make Your Implants Affordable

You may find yourself marveling at the amount of people you know who have chosen dental implants for their own smiles. You may also feel surprised that it’s such an easily accessible option when you need to handle your tooth loss, especially if you’ve always thought of implants as one of those luxurious treatments that… Read more »

Fixed Teeth Replacements: What This Is All About

There are oh so many new terms you will begin to learn as you delve into the world not only of prosthetics for missing teeth but also specifically for dental implants and restorations. When it comes to the very basics of your solutions for giving yourself a new “tooth” where one once resided, even these… Read more »

Dental Posts: Let’s Talk About The Basics!

When you hear the term dental implant, what type of image do you pull up in your mind? Are you thinking about the entirety of the tooth replacement you have been thinking about choosing for yourself? If so, you are like many patients who hear about implants and visualize a complete replacement tooth from the… Read more »

Turning The Tables: You Are The One Interviewing Us!

We know that when you’re taking the time to think over dental implants for your smile, there’s a small part of you that feels a little shaky about the whole thing. You know that when you come in to talk with us, we’re going to ask you a bunch of questions about your smile, your… Read more »

Conflicted About Implants: When You Think You’re Short On Something

There are many reasons that our patients assume they will not qualify for dental implants. Some assume it’s just not for them. Some figure their smiles aren’t healthy enough. Over the years at our Santa Rosa, CA practice, we have also found that many patients think they are “short” on something, meaning that they do… Read more »

Choosing Fixed Implant Dentures: Are Implants And Crowns Better?

When you’re selecting dental implants for yourself and you’re sorting out which solution is best, it’s important to remember that when throwing around the term “best” it’s all about what works for you. There is no better or best from one prosthetic restoration to another. There is only “better for you” in terms of what… Read more »