Month: November 2017

Dental Implant Technology and Why It Matters

Dental implants have made a remarkable difference for many people, restoring the beauty, function and health of their smiles. While the idea of replacing lost teeth is not new, innovations in technology have been a critical part of making implants an option for many people. Since the jawbone and the titanium implant fuse together (a process… Read more »

IV Sedation: A Q&A Introduction

Have you been trying to figure out the difference between different types of dental sedation and you have found that you’ve become most curious about IV sedation? Maybe you’ve received nitrous oxide and oral sedation before, so you’re curious about this remaining option. Perhaps you heard from a friend that she had a wonderful experience… Read more »

When To Schedule Extractions?

Do you need to schedule an extraction or multiple tooth extractions but when it comes to finding the right time, it never seems to exist? Since you’re aware that when a tooth needs to come out, the removal is very important, this can add a bit of stress to your scheduling dilemma. Don’t worry. We… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Happy To Answer Common Questions

We know that when the topic of bone grafting comes up as it relates to fixing deteriorated jaw tissue and prepping for dental implants, it can cause a bit of alarm. This may be a brand new concept to you, which means you have many questions about many aspects of the surgical procedure. While we… Read more »

1-2-3: Full Arch Restoration

If you are looking for a beautiful and smart way to restore your arch of missing teeth, then one stop on your journey of investigation should include full arch restoration. Not sure what this is? In short, it’s a way to quickly restore your missing teeth without having to rely on traditional dentures, while gaining… Read more »

Worried About Dental Implants? Drink More Water!

Maybe you feel fantastic about the job you’re doing with your dental hygiene. Every time you brush and floss, you know you’ve worked hard and that your dental implants are nice and clean as a result. However, throughout the day, you may worry that you should be doing something to keep them clean and to… Read more »

November: A Nice Time For Implants

Yes, of course, there’s a wonderful reason to choose dental implants for yourself every single month. However, as we have just entered November, there’s no time like the present to discuss what makes this particular month a great time to get started with saying goodbye to the spaces in your grin and hello to smile… Read more »