Month: January 2019

Life With Dental Implants: What Will Stay The Same?

As you discuss dental implants with us, you may find that you’re looking forward to a lot of changes, all of which are very welcome! Getting through a meal will become easy again, feeling good about your smile’s appearance will become a given, and you can look forward to many more improvements. However, we don’t… Read more »

We Make Your Safety Our Priority!

Have you ever wondered to yourself about your safety at our Rohnert Park, CA practice? Perhaps there have been moments during which you’ve asked something like, “Is it safe?” when we talk about administering anesthesia and your mind wanders from there, wondering about your general experience at our oral and maxillofacial oral surgery office. Do… Read more »

How Implants Will Benefit Your Past, Present, And Future

When you give implants the consideration you think they deserve and you realize they’re certainly going to prove beneficial for your oral health and your appearance, you likely want to feel even more exhilarated about them by feeling they offer additional advantages. This is always going to be something that our Santa Rosa, CA team… Read more »

Implants: Tailoring Care To Your Needs

The topic of dental implants for your smile is one that you may feel could seemingly go on forever. There are so many different ways to consider receiving implants for your smile (you may wish to choose implants and crowns or an implant-retained bridge, etc.). Then, you know that there’s a lot to learn about… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Explains: Extraction Reasons

One of the treatments our oral surgeon team offers that commonly causes patients a swirling mix of uncertainty, worry, and more: Tooth extractions. No matter what, the need for this treatment always seems to bring with it at least some slight tinge of negativity, when in reality (as far as our Santa Rosa, CA team… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Answers Sedation Questions!

When it’s time to step into our practice to speak with our team of oral surgeons about your decision to consider dental implants, how do you feel? Are you ready to run, rather than coming on in, because you deal with anxiety in regard to just about any type of dental care? Do you feel… Read more »

About Wanting Implants: Insightful Questions From Your Oral Surgeon

There’s certainly more than just a quick, logical decision that goes into selecting dental implants as your treatment for your smile. When you’re missing teeth, there are other things to consider. You have your finances to think about. There are emotions that get involved. For some patient (if not many patients), dealing with so many… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Beneficial And Very Necessary

There may be oral surgery you consider to help your oral health. There may be some treatments at our Santa Rosa, CA practice that you are aware certainly line up with the concerns you’re facing with your smile. However, if you have not yet spoken with our team about our oral and maxillofacial surgery services,… Read more »

How Hiding Your Smile Due To Tooth Loss Impacts You

You may have resigned yourself to simply covering up your smile the best that you can through the day … every day! Our Santa Rosa, CA team often finds that this is the case when patients are struggling through the experience of dealing with missing teeth. While it may seem like simply hiding the openings… Read more »

How Dental Implants Make Your Smile Almost New Again

Tooth loss isn’t an age-related issue, but after experiencing it, your smile can begin to age much more rapidly. That’s due to the many different negative effects of tooth loss, which only grow worse the longer you neglect to replace the lost tooth/teeth. For patients in Santa Rosa, CA, dental implants offer the most successful… Read more »