Month: January 2020

Can You Predict Your Tooth Loss?

Nobody can predict the future, and since tooth loss can be unpredictable, it’s easy to take a not-very-concerned stance towards it. However, while tooth loss may or may not occur, you don’t have to leave your smile’s future up to fate. If you pay close attention to your oral health and take warning signs seriously,… Read more »

Enjoying Your New Dental Implants

Dealing with tooth loss is about more than just mitigating the effects that it can have on your oral health. These effects are significant and, if not addressed promptly, they can have serious consequences for your smile, oral health, and quality of life. When you’re considering replacing your lost teeth, it’s important to consider how… Read more »

A Brief Look at the Dental Implant Procedure

Preparing to receive dental implants can be an exciting time. After having experienced the consequences of tooth loss, you may be eager to once again enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with a full and healthy smile. Yet, not knowing what to expect can also cause some anxiety for some patients. With the goal… Read more »

When to Decide to Extract and Replace a Tooth

Centuries ago, extracting a tooth that was decaying or damaged was common practice. There weren’t many common options for restoring natural teeth, and the consequences of losing one weren’t as well understood as they are today. Now, however, there’s a solution for almost every dental health concern that can help you restore and preserve your… Read more »

A Few Good Ways to Prevent the Loss of Your Teeth

While everyone’s specific oral health goals are unique, the ultimate goal of addressing them is usually to help you preserve your healthy, natural smile. That includes preventing the loss of one or more that may have been compromised, which helps you avoid the need to replace them with manmade restorations. At our Santa Rosa, CA,… Read more »

Using Dental Implants To Provide A Full Arch Restoration

After suffering significant tooth loss, you can be concerned that a full smile restoration might be a difficult, drawn-out process. In reality, we can help you restore your appearance and dental function with a full arch restoration that relies on just four dental implants! Our California oral surgery center can use all-on-4 implants to hold… Read more »