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Need a Tooth Extracted? Replace It with a Dental Implant

Having to extract a tooth can sometimes be surprising, but once you know it’s necessary, the loss of the tooth structure will no longer be a surprise. Despite this, losing the tooth’s natural structure can still have several important consequences for your immediate and long-term oral health. That’s why tooth extraction is only recommended when… Read more »

The Point of Extracting and Replacing a Tooth

For most concerns that involve the health and integrity of your teeth, addressing the concern typically means preserving as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. Doing so improves the long-term state of your oral health, and in many cases, it means avoiding the loss of the tooth. However, in severe cases, saving a tooth… Read more »

Why Dental Implants Are Great for Replacing Extracted Teeth

After losing one or more teeth, patients often realize that dental implants are the best way to fully restore their smiles. However, when you’re faced with the need to extract a tooth, replacing it afterward not be the first thing that comes to mind. While the tooth remains, the best thing for it should be… Read more »

When to Decide to Extract and Replace a Tooth

Centuries ago, extracting a tooth that was decaying or damaged was common practice. There weren’t many common options for restoring natural teeth, and the consequences of losing one weren’t as well understood as they are today. Now, however, there’s a solution for almost every dental health concern that can help you restore and preserve your… Read more »

A Look at What Tooth Extraction Really Means

When you first learn that your tooth needs to be extracted, your initial reaction might not be one of relief. On the other hand, the prospect of extracting a tooth (and the fact that it’s necessary) can often seem like a significantly negative development. While it can be, the truth is that extracting the tooth… Read more »

A Quick Call For Fall: Visits To Get On The Books!

If you have been so caught up in the summertime fun that you haven’t stopped to consider what day (or month) it is, then you may have forgotten something: Fall is about a month away! With that said, if you have anything you would like to accomplish for your smile in terms of oral surgery… Read more »

Looseness And Your Smile: Things To Keep In Mind

When you’re a kid, you know that a loose tooth is something to get excited about! However, when you’re an adult, you quickly realize that a loose sensation in your smile, whether it has to do with your natural teeth or a prosthetic that you have in place, is generally a bad thing. With that… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Helpful Answers About Impaction

You hear a lot about the fact that if you have impacted wisdom teeth, then you are going to need to wisdom teeth removal. You have some ideas about what impaction means but then you speak with a friend and your definitions clearly do not line up. Our Rohnert Park, CA team knows you may… Read more »

Your Extraction: Why You’ll Feel Silly You Ever Worried

Our Santa Rosa, CA team gets it! You don’t want to come in for a dental extraction, you don’t want to even think that you could possibly need one, and you’d rather just not think about it. As a result, you may spend lots of time putting it off, worrying about lots of “what if”… Read more »

A Few Good Questions to Ask About Tooth Extraction

For many patients who need to replace one or more teeth, the reason is because they’ve had a tooth extracted. When it becomes necessary, extracting a tooth can make way for your oral health specialist to replace it with a more functional prosthesis, such as a dental implant. At our Rohnert Park, CA, oral surgery… Read more »