Month: September 2017

Uncertain But Excited? Take Time For Implant Testimonials!

Are you fairly uncertain about whether you’re actually ready to move ahead with dental implants? What seems to be causing your hesitation? Perhaps it’s that you think there’s a particular type of person who is a “best candidate” for implants. Maybe you truly have no idea what to expect. Maybe it’s that you want to… Read more »

Implants: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Fall For

When you’re examining the possibility of deciding on dental implants, you may find yourself with a wide array of possible options. One of the main challenges you may face might include deciding from which practice you will receive your implants. While we understand your preference to consider multiple options before moving forward with your smile… Read more »

Dental Implants And Nitrous Oxide

When the day arrives that you plan on doing something about your tooth loss, you may feel the overwhelming excitement that comes with choosing dental implants! Then, followed by that wonderful sensation, you may experience a bit of dread. The thought crosses your mind that you don’t really like visiting dental practices, you wonder what… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Implant Restoration Check In

When you learn a whole bunch of new terminology because you’re planning on receiving dental implants, you will find that it’s easy to get things mixed up. First, you learn all about implants and their different parts and processes. Then, you learn about restorations, what they are, the options offered to you, and your vocabulary… Read more »

Implant Prep: 3 Things That May Be Required

Before you can show up, plop yourself down in our chair, and announce that you’re ready for your dental implant placement, there may be a few things we’ll need to schedule first. Of course, some smiles are already prepared and ready to go! If not, though, do not worry. It’s quite common to require other… Read more »

Remain Optimistic: About Your Extraction!

The day might come when you need a tooth extraction. Why might this become necessary? Well, teeth are very strong but that does not mean they will always escape damage, which may come in many forms. Your tooth can become decayed to a severe degree. You may end up with an infected tooth. You might… Read more »