Month: December 2017

Implant Placement: Why Time Matters

If you have been recommended for tooth extraction, or if you have recently had a tooth removed, you are probably wondering “What’s next?” It might seem like watching and waiting is a good idea, to see if you can learn to love the new space in your mouth, and if it really matters. In fact,… Read more »

Extractions: Getting To The Important Stuff

You might think that when your tooth is severely damaged or you need a root canal that the best choice is simply to immediately contact us to schedule a tooth extraction instead. Or, you may be the type of person who learns you need an extraction to help you make it through effective orthodontic care… Read more »

Implants: A Quick Jaw Tissue Refresher

As you progress and learn more about dental implants and their relationship with your jaw tissue, you will find that there’s some very interesting information to take in! For instance, choosing implants can actually benefit your jaw. “Isn’t it bad for my jaw, though, to have posts placed into it?” you wonder. Nope. Let’s cover… Read more »

New Dental Implant Patients: Helpful Tips

What are you expecting from dental implants? Do you really have very little idea of what lies ahead but you’re certainly feeling like the opportunity to replace teeth this way could turn out to be a fantastic choice for you? Good! Now that you’re about to become a new patient, we encourage you to remain… Read more »

Tooth Extractions: What Damages Teeth?

There are many reasons that someone may require a tooth extraction. Of course, there’s the obvious detail that something is wrong with your tooth and, as a result, it needs to go. However, what exactly causes damage? Is there one culprit? Are there many types? Are they avoidable? The good news is that regardless of… Read more »

Dental Implants Q&A: Artificial, Safe, And Sound?

Are you certain about whether your dental implants and restorations are safe and sound? Do you assume that they are essentially immune from problems because they are composed of artificial materials? If so, you may have things a bit mixed up. While there are certain problems that affect organic tissues but will not directly damage… Read more »