Month: August 2019

Implant Placement: Factors That Promote Swift Recovery!

One of the things we hear from our Rohnert Park, CA patients is not so much that they are concerned about the placement of their implants as much as they are concerned about the recovery that follows. Of course, your goal is to be able to swiftly and successful heal, so you’re consistently and safely… Read more »

Dental Implants: What’s Not To Like?

You may find that when someone poses the question, “What’s not to like?” to you in regard to dental implants, you actually have some quick answers! With that said, however, our Santa Rosa, CA team wonders if you have thought all of those dislikes through, whether you’ve discussed them with us, or if you’re currently… Read more »

Remember: You Make The Final Implant Decision 

Once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole in terms of learning as much as you can about dental implants and striving to make a decision to receive them (and a decision regarding which approach you will take), you can find that the opposite of decision-making occurs. Instead, you start wondering whether to go this way… Read more »

A Quick Call For Fall: Visits To Get On The Books!

If you have been so caught up in the summertime fun that you haven’t stopped to consider what day (or month) it is, then you may have forgotten something: Fall is about a month away! With that said, if you have anything you would like to accomplish for your smile in terms of oral surgery… Read more »

When Friends Ask: Why Did You Choose Dental Implants?

When you’re on the road toward that visualized smile that’s complete, beautiful, and functional, thanks to implants, people around you may take notice. You may be quite vocal about your experience because you’re excited to reach that final outcome of your full grin! Of course, along the way, you may find that friends tend to… Read more »

Our Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Considering Implants

If you are just beginning to scratch the surface of the prosthetic dental care world, then we would really like to make sure you remember to consider adding dental implants to your list of possible options. Why so, you wonder? What makes placing implant-retained tooth replacements on the list of choices such a big deal?… Read more »

4 Ways To Improve Keeping Implants Clean

One of the very exciting things you learn early on as you consider dental implants and restorations is that maintaining them isn’t going to be a tall order. Instead, you will still be expected to keep up with the usual preventive care suggestions that were provided to you before you experienced tooth loss. With that… Read more »

Quick Considerations: Implants And Crowns

Figuring out every last detail in terms of which approach to dental implants will work for you: That’s something that we definitely suggest you do with our Rohnert Park, CA team in person! However, when you’ve been giving implants some consideration and you’d really just like to begin with answers to a pressing, common question,… Read more »

Traditional To Implant Support: Why You Want To Switch (But Resist)

The idea of saying goodbye to your traditionally supported prosthetics, as you switch over to the support of dental implants? On one hand, thinking about it is exhilarating, as you imagine saying goodbye to all of the things you’re not too pleased with in terms of traditional support. However, on the other hand, you find… Read more »

Implant Planning: Give Yourself A Break

Do you feel like you’ve been considering ways to address your missing teeth for weeks on end? Perhaps you are feeling wonderful about dental implants but you’re also starting to feel exhausted by the thought of yet another round of decisions, thinking, considerations, and more. Today, our Santa Rosa, CA team gives you permission to… Read more »