Month: February 2018

Dental Implants: Things You Just Can’t Do

If you want to have the best experience possible with your dental implants, then it’s important to remember that your success resides in your decision to follow a beneficial path. How should you know how to do this, you wonder? It’s very easy. Follow our guidelines and suggestions and make choices that work in favor… Read more »

Things You Should Know Before Getting Implants

With the unique ability to reconstruct the roots of lost teeth, dental implants offer a wide range of benefits for your immediate and long-term oral health. Like all dental treatments, however, your oral health specialist will make sure that you thoroughly understand the process of receiving dental implants, they’re overall benefits, and what you can… Read more »

3 Ways To Think Of Dental Implants

At first glance, you know that dental implants will let you replace your teeth. However, if you’re not yet capable of thinking of them in a more multidimensional light, you may have trouble quickly conjuring up their benefits in your mind. The result? Trying to choose implants over other prosthetics for your missing teeth can become… Read more »

How Implants Fix Chewing Problems

You know that when you chew your food, it should feel just fine. For the majority of your life, this was a function that was simply second nature and that you never really thought about much. However, when an oral health issue affects your teeth, you may find that you have chewing problems. Did you… Read more »

Dental Implant Tips: Getting Ready For Your Consultation

You may have a lot of things racing through your mind as you prepare to come in to see us for a dental implant consultation. You’re likely hopeful that we can steer you in the direction of a solution that will make you smile (a beautiful smile) with ease. It’s also highly likely that you’re… Read more »

Quiz: Helping You Get Ready For Implants

Are you wondering how helpful we will be when it comes to your preparing for dental implants? Perhaps you worry that there’s going to be quite a learning curve as you scramble to figure out the details. As you might have hoped, this is not the case at all! In addition to providing you with… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Answers Common Questions

There are oh so many questions that pass through the lips of our patients. As you might imagine, some are unique and others are very common. Since the unique inquiries are things you’ll need to ask in person, we encourage you to get some basics sorted first out by considering information patients frequently ask of… Read more »

Dental Implants And Your Saliva

There are a lot of details you may do your best to keep sorted out to ensure you are protecting your dental implants the best that you can. What’s very easy to forget about, however, is how important it is for your saliva flow to remain steady and for its presence in your mouth to… Read more »

Implants, Yes…Dentures, No?

You know that you are happy with the idea of dental implants to replace teeth because of the exceptional list of benefits they offer your smile. You can place them and then, essentially, almost forget about them! As long as you keep your smile safe, healthy, and clean, all will likely go well and you’ll… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Suggests: Consider Life Without Treatment

When you find that you’re going back and forth in regard to following through with oral surgery, you may need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Of course, when we suggest surgery for you, we are team treatment, if you will. The last thing we want is to find that you chose… Read more »