Month: October 2017

How to Prepare Your Smile for Implant Placement

Dental implants are an important part of replacing teeth. As prosthetic teeth roots, they offer the sturdiest base for modern dental prosthetics (i.e., dental crowns and dentures). While most patients who’ve lost teeth are eligible for dental implants, your oral health has to meet certain criteria before dental implant surgery can be planned and scheduled…. Read more »

Tooth Extractions: Remember Important Details

It’s easy to become sidetracked when you start thinking about your upcoming tooth extraction. You may end up convincing yourself that you don’t really need it. You may end up trying to talk yourself out of it because you’re worried about the sensations that it will cause. We know that focusing on things that cause… Read more »

What’s The Implant Process Timeline Like?

You may already know that when you choose a prosthetic that relies on traditional support (meaning, it doesn’t include implants), the process isn’t very time consuming. Up to just a few visits and you’ll probably have a complete smile within a few weeks. However, if you’ve begun investigating dental implants and associated options, then you… Read more »

Why Bring Us Your Implant Questions?

Do you have questions about dental implants but you are a little embarrassed to come to us with them? What if we were to tell you that we’d be thrilled if you were to bring in a list of your inquiries? The truth is, giving our patients time to seek answers from our team is… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Questions About Implants And Bridges

Let’s talk about dental implants and dental bridges. If you’re currently experiencing tooth loss that includes the loss of one or just a few missing adjacent teeth, then this potential solution may have popped up on your radar! You may already have recognized that it offers everything you can expect from a bridge with the… Read more »

Oral Sedation: What’s This Option All About?

Whether you’re visiting us for dental implants or another oral surgery procedure, you may have reason to select dental sedation. In some instances, this is something you elect to do because dental anxiety affects your comfort level at accessing care for your smile. In other instances, it may simply be an appropriate decision for the… Read more »