Month: July 2019

Beneficial Reflections During Your Implant Journey 

Though you may recognize that your dental implant journey will require multiple visits with our team, a surgical procedure, recovery, and more, we want to remind you: It’s best to remember that while you can get bogged down in the details that don’t put a huge smile on your face, you can most certainly outweigh… Read more »

Jaw Changes: Prevention, Treatment, And Common Questions

As you may have gathered during your introduction to experiencing tooth loss, in addition to saying goodbye to one or more teeth, over time, you can end up seeing the slow deterioration of your jaw tissue. Is this a natural result of missing teeth, you ask? The answer is yes! With that said, our Santa… Read more »

Things You Really Should Know About Tooth Loss

The good thing about tooth loss is that, these days, it’s more preventable than it’s ever been. Even the most common conditions that lead to tooth loss, such as severe gum disease, can be successfully managed to help people save their healthy, natural teeth. The other good thing about tooth loss is that, if it… Read more »

Tooth Replacement: Things You Forgot You Were Missing

When you lose your teeth, life as you know it with your complete smile suddenly changes. Over time, if you don’t replace missing teeth immediately, there are some things that go missing in addition to your teeth that you may completely forget about. The good news? Once you follow through on replacing those teeth with… Read more »

Tooth Loss: What Do Implants Help You Save?

Selecting dental implants when you’ve gone through tooth loss immediately lets you know you’re implementing a very specific rescue mission: You’re saving your smile! By replacing your missing tooth or teeth, you get your smile back, which means all is well again, right? Well, if you’ve begun thinking about what choosing implants really helps you… Read more »

Times You Hope We’ll Say “Not True!” About Implants

Sometimes, you might toss some information out into the world, hoping someone tells you that what you’re saying just isn’t right. For instance, you may really want to try a particular restaurant with a friend. Instead of saying, “Would you like to go?” you phrase it as, “I was going to ask you but I… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Things That Keep You Up At Night

When it comes to tooth loss, there are a lot of unanswered questions that can quickly show up and begin plaguing your mind with concern! Though you may be aware that dental implants can save the day and that there are many ways to make them work for our Santa Rosa, CA patients, your thoughts… Read more »

Implants: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

Your knowledge that surrounds your idea of dental implants might be limited if you’re just finding out about them. Even with that said, you may still find that your enthusiasm for them as an option for your smile seems to grow daily. However, you are definitely in need of some basic information, so you can… Read more »