Month: November 2018

Considering Implants: 2 Confusing Things You Tell Yourself

What you want is to think about dental implants, feel completely confident in your decision to move ahead with them, and to then do so. However, when you begin considering the facts, you may begin to convince yourself that you should probably look for a different type of way to make your smile whole again…. Read more »

Implants: If You’re Just Starting Out

What word or phrase would you use to describe the part of your dental implant experience that’s happening for you right now? If you would say something like, “staring out” or “beginning,” then our Santa Rosa, CA team welcomes you to our practice and to a very exciting moment in your life! When you begin… Read more »

Implants: Let’s Talk Strictly About Your Looks

We can talk all day long about the truly amazing advantages that you can expect when you decide that you’re going to do something about your tooth loss. There are details regarding function, the way your smile will feel, the way implants can actually protect your oral health, and more! However, today, our Rohnert Park,… Read more »

Want Implants Before Your Wedding? You’re Not Alone!

Are you planning a wedding? If so, then our Santa Rosa, CA oral surgery team extends very warm congratulations! Now, for the smile-related details: Have you been thinking that what you really want to include in your plans is dental implants but something about adding a surgical procedure to your list makes you feel a… Read more »

2019: Welcome The New Year With A Beautiful, Complete Smile!

What better way to usher in a brand new year than with something you really want, that will serve you well for life, and that is a true game changer? If you are someone who has spent time thinking about how you’re going to go about fixing your smile after losing teeth, then implants are… Read more »

Dental Implants And: When You Should Call Us

When you discover the lovely universe that is made up of dental implants and restorations for your smile, after tooth loss has impacted your life, you may find that you occasionally need our help. For instance, if you want implants, you’ll certainly have to receive them from our Santa Rosa, CA team! So, do you… Read more »

Urging You To Call Before The Holidays

Yes, we are certainly persistent when it comes to encouraging you to come in to talk with our team. Why, you wonder? Well, because we know that in many cases, you may find yourself putting off a visit to come in to talk about oral surgery, dental implants, and more. That is, even though you… Read more »

In Honor Of Thanksgiving: 2 Implant Details To Be Thankful For

In honor of the upcoming holiday, during which you will most certainly be putting your smile to serious use (there’s a big, delicious meal to enjoy, as well as friends and family to catch up with through long-winded conversation), our Santa Rosa, CA team would like to stick with this holiday theme! To do so,… Read more »

Why Go With A Fixed Hybrid Denture?

You’ve heard the term fixed hybrid denture and you have some understanding that it means the denture restoring your implants is going to stay in place (rather than come with a feature of removability). If you haven’t really thought through what this might mean for you and you’re currently considering all options as you replace… Read more »