Month: March 2019

Implants And Figuring It All Out: Take It Easy!

You might find yourself swinging from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other as you take on the task of figuring out what to do in regard to your tooth loss. Remember, this is a common concern and something that many individuals go through, so you’re not the only one! However, with that… Read more »

Taking Your Time With Implants: Good, So-So, Or Bad?

At some point, once you have experienced any level of tooth loss, you begin realizing you don’t have access to just one type of tooth replacement. Instead, you have access to many, which are primarily categorized as traditionally supported (no implants included) or implant supported (implants included). For some, the goal is to end up… Read more »

Seasonal Implant Reminders: 3 Things To Do This Spring

What should you be doing this spring, our Santa Rosa, CA team asks? Well, your initial reaction may be “having fun” and “enjoying the fresh spring air!” However, we remind you that we are a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, so really, our question is linked with what you should be thinking about in… Read more »

Implant Time: Don’t Be Embarrassed To Come In

Are you embarrassed to come in to our practice to discuss dental implants with our Santa Rosa, CA team? Why is that? We can think of a variety of issues that tend to keep patients from seeing us for more information and, of course, we wish we could speak with every individual out there in… Read more »

Choosing Dental Implants: 3 Things You’re Investing In

As you approach making an investment in dental implants, you know on the surface that you’re purchasing a replacement for the teeth you have lost. You know that you’re going to get “roots” back, in addition to missing crowns, which means you’re not partially replacing teeth but you’re doing it a complete manner. You also… Read more »

Changing From Traditional To Implant Support: What You Can Gain!

When you are wearing a traditional prosthetic of any kind, you have successfully replaced the missing teeth that once comprised part of your smile. Or, if you are wearing full dentures, you have replaced the teeth that comprised the entirety of your smile. While you may feel happy to have a full smile back for… Read more »

Avoiding Implants by Preventing Tooth Loss

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, then dental implants may be the best way to replace them. Not only do they rebuild your smile, but they even help reduce your risks of losing more teeth by keeping your jawbone strong and healthy. However, if you haven’t lost teeth yet, then preventing tooth loss is… Read more »

A Few Good Questions to Ask About Tooth Extraction

For many patients who need to replace one or more teeth, the reason is because they’ve had a tooth extracted. When it becomes necessary, extracting a tooth can make way for your oral health specialist to replace it with a more functional prosthesis, such as a dental implant. At our Rohnert Park, CA, oral surgery… Read more »

Saying Yes To Bone Grafts: Some Very Good Reasons

While it may not have been something you really ever expected to need, one day in your life you discover that our oral and maxillofacial surgeon team is recommending bone grafts for your jawbone. Of course, you are at liberty to deny the suggestion and move forward with your life. Or, you can say “yes,… Read more »

Signs It’s Time To Learn About Implants

Sometimes, you are just beginning to scratch the surface of all that the world of oral surgery can offer you and that’s just fine. However, in other cases, you’ve had lots of time to consider different ways to go about making your smile complete again and you seem to keep coming back to dental implants…. Read more »