Implant Dentures: 3 Things To Know

As you may have gathered as you research your options, you are not limited to single implants and crowns. As a matter of fact, if you deal with full tooth loss, you may consider implant dentures instead. Pretty certain you have a solid handle on what a denture is but you’ve never heard of combining them with implant support? This option may prove extremely beneficial to patients dealing with complete (or near to complete) tooth loss. Consider a few significant details that just might pique your interest!

#1: They Can Rebuild A Full Smile

When you’re missing all of your teeth or you have just a few teeth still standing, it may be best to choose implant dentures. First and foremost, recognize that this decision allows us to restore your entire smile at once. For teeth standing in the way, we offer tooth extractions, so you may move ahead with plans for your complete grin. Remember that a denture is a prosthetic replacing one full arch of missing teeth.

#2: You’re Not Receiving Implants In Every Opening

When you choose implant dentures, you’re not going to receive one dental implant per opening (where a tooth once resided) as you would with implants and crowns. Instead, you will receive several implants that are placed strategically in order to offer stability to a full denture. This treatment will typically require six to eight posts.

#3: They May Protect Your Jaw Health

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone. This stimulation “tells” your body to continue supplying the jaw tissue with everything it requires to remain full and healthy (such as nutrients). When roots disappear, stimulation disappears, and resorption often follows. Replacing roots with implants, whether to support a bridge, denture, or crown, helps prevent the breakdown of your jaw tissue.

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