Let’s Talk: Questions About Implants And Bridges

Let’s talk about dental implants and dental bridges. If you’re currently experiencing tooth loss that includes the loss of one or just a few missing adjacent teeth, then this potential solution may have popped up on your radar! You may already have recognized that it offers everything you can expect from a bridge with the added benefit of exceptional implant-provided stability. As for everything else you’re wondering about, we suggest you start with our Q’s and A’s and then come in for further information.

Questions and Answers

Question: Are you going to place the same amount of dental implants for a dental bridge as you would if I were receiving individual crowns and implants?

Answer: No! Generally speaking, you will require fewer implants than missing teeth when you choose to support a prosthetic, such as a bridge, with implants. In most instances, you need one on either end of your gap for support.

Question: I’ve heard that choosing to support a bridge with dental implants can help me save my natural teeth that are still standing. Is this true?

Answer: Yes. If you choose traditional support, your natural teeth will have to provide the stability to your bridge. When you support it with implants, those teeth are left alone completely, which permits them to remain healthy with their full structure for many years to come.

Question: Is a bridge still a fixed device when supported by dental implants?

Answer: It is. We will secure the dental bridge to your implants instead of to your teeth, which means you will have the tooth replacement in place all day long, every single day.

Replace Partial Tooth Loss With Implants And Bridges

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