1-2-3: Full Arch Restoration

If you are looking for a beautiful and smart way to restore your arch of missing teeth, then one stop on your journey of investigation should include full arch restoration. Not sure what this is? In short, it’s a way to quickly restore your missing teeth without having to rely on traditional dentures, while gaining the benefits of implants. If you have heard of All-On-4 then you may have some general knowledge of this very effective solution. Let’s explore a few of the major details.

#1: We Use Four Implants

This is not the same process as receiving traditional dentures, which rely solely on the tissues and suction in your mouth. It isn’t identical to receiving implant dentures with the use of traditional dental implants either. It’s a less invasive, speedier solution that we call full arch restoration. You will receive only four implants, which we will place in a precise way in order to withstand the daily pressure of your bite. It will offer support to a full denture.

#2: It’s More Affordable

This is a wonderful way to achieve the benefits of dental implants without incurring the investment associated with replacing a full arch of teeth with single implants and crowns. Get the best of both worlds in addition to improved affordability.

#3: You’re Getting The Stability You Want

Whether you are simply uninterested in traditional dentures or you are not an outstanding candidate for traditional implants, you will be happy to learn that our full arch restoration gives you the stability of implants, the full, beautiful smile you want. Come in to discover more.

Restore An Arch With Full Arch Restoration

Come on in to discuss All-On-4 with us, in addition to other dental implant options, so you may choose the avenue that best addresses your replacement needs. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.