Dental Implant Technology and Why It Matters

Dental implants have made a remarkable difference for many people, restoring the beauty, function and health of their smiles. While the idea of replacing lost teeth is not new, innovations in technology have been a critical part of making implants an option for many people. Since the jawbone and the titanium implant fuse together (a process called osseointegration) it is vital that implants are properly placed. Sophisticated dental implant technology also means the most lifelife and natural look, in a time-efficient manner.

Digital Images

Thanks to new types of digital images, it is now possible to get an extremely clear picture of all the structures in your mouth an jaw. Using digital X-rays and panoramic digital X-rays, expert oral surgeons  can discern bone density, and the location of existing teeth roots, to help determine whether the jawbone can securely support an implant post, and in what location.

Cone Beam Technology

Your oral surgeon may use cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to create a 3-D image of your head and neck. This detailed image allows visualization of your jaw, cheeks and mouth and head, and can pinpoint soft tissue structures, blood circulation pathways and nerves as well as bones and teeth.

Technology to Make You Comfortable

Dental sedation is a necessary part of oral surgery procedures. Sedation options may take the form of nitrous oxide, oral sedation, a combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedation, or IV sedation. An oral surgeon will take each person’s overall health and the needs for the procedure into consideration, when determining the best sedation option in each situation.

You Can Benefit from the Latest Dental Implant Technology

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