3 Reasons To Head Straight For Implants

You may find as you approach the world of tooth replacement choices for yourself that it’s to your benefit to think through the multiple solutions out there. Maybe you should consider a traditionally supported bridge. Perhaps you should go with a traditional full or partial denture. However, there may actually be some reasons to head straight for dental implants. It may be to your benefit to skip the prosthetic that relies solely on your mouth’s natural structural support and instead, come right in to find out how implants can steer you toward getting your full smile back in working order (and in beautiful condition).

#1: There’s No Support Like Implant Support

Remember that one of the reasons to head straight for dental implants is the fact that you cannot compare the support you receive from them to anything else. Keep in mind that a bridge requires support from teeth. A denture needs support from your gums and saliva. Implants fuse with your jawbone and then provide independent support to a crown (or multiple implants support a bridge or denture). It’s extremely reliable and

#2: There Are No Drawbacks You’ll Regret Later

You aren’t going to choose dental implants and then look back down the line thinking, “I sure wish I had chosen a denture.” Instead, you will immediately enjoy all of the long list of benefits that come with implants, skipping the potential cons that may come along with prosthetics that rely on your mouth for placement.

#3: We Can Help You Prepare

Whatever it is you need to prepare for dental implants, you can rely on our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons to get you there. Whether it’s bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge preservation, education, etc., we will guide you.

See Us Right Away After Tooth Loss To Discuss Implants

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