Your Visit: 3 Things You Might Want To Bring With You

Whatever it is you’re coming in for, whether to discuss your oral health, to receive oral surgery, etc., it’s normal to feel just a bit uncertain about things. This is particularly true when you haven’t seen an oral surgeon for a procedure or appointment before. While we offer sedation and are happy to give you all of the reassurance in the world, we also know that sometimes your nervous system makes you feel a bit jittery as you head in to our practice. Consider a few things you might want to bring with you for an easier experience.

#1: Reading Material Or Music

If you’re a reader, then you may wish to bring along a favorite book, magazine, etc. If you find yourself with even a moment of down time, you can delve into your reading, rather that sitting and thinking about your smile. Your oral surgeon knows very well that just a bit of familiar distraction can prove very helpful to patients. (Bringing along headphones and a favorite playlist may be just as helpful).

#2: Your Lucky Charm

If there’s something you feel brings you good luck, feel free to tote it along! Have your charm, rock, etc. on hand as you arrive to see your oral surgeon. While you don’t need any luck to receive care from our team, we will certainly understand.

#3: Something Warm

If you’re someone who tends to run quite cool, we know that if you’re a little nervous, showing up without a sweatshirt, cardigan, sweater, etc., can make you feel a bit shivery. Arrive with an extra layer in tow, just in case you’d like to bundle up, so you’re toasty, calm, and comfortable!

Enjoy A Comfortable Visit With Our Practice

Come in to talk with your oral surgeon about pathways toward improving your smile health and replacing missing teeth. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.