Don’t Ignore Your Bite Problems

If you have gone through the experience of receiving a tooth replacement like a dental implant with us, then you know it’s extremely important that your bite is balanced beautifully once the replacement is complete. This means that when you close your teeth together, top and bottom teeth sit within one another comfortably. If your bite balance is “off,” after the placement of a prosthetic or restoration, then there may be a problem with the design, damage may have occurred, etc. While you may feel the urge to simply ignore bite problems if they happen to you, we strongly advise you to see us should they crop up. Find out why.

Balance Is Essential For TMJ Health

When you receive a tooth replacement or replacements with us, we take a holistic approach to your smile. The goal is not only to replace the tooth but to ensure that the replacement promotes a bite that supports the health of your every oral structure and tissue. Now, let’s say that your dental implant restoration becomes damaged in some way and you notice you have to chew and speak differently for things to feel comfortable. This shift can stress muscles, ligaments, and joints and can cause TMJ pain and even TMJ disorder. Prevent this by seeing us if you notice something is wrong.

Poor Balance Can Harm Your Teeth

Teeth or restorations that are supposed to fit together correctly for a balanced bite that suddenly do not fit together can become damaged. Imagine that a natural bottom tooth and a dental crown topping a dental implant on your top arch are the main point of contact for your smile. This is a lot of pressure and friction, which can cause both to become damaged. See us to fix any type of damage or balance concerns, so pressure and friction are distributed evenly, promoting a safe, healthy smile.

See Us For Bite Balance Concerns

Whether you’ve received single dental implants, implant dentures, or otherwise, remember that if you suspect damage or a change with your smile, the best thing to do is to visit us! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.