What Can Oral Surgery Improve?

You’ve heard a lot about the fact that you may be able to see some serious improvement with your smile soon because your dentist has suggested oral surgery. This sounds good, of course, because a smile that’s in excellent condition is always a beneficial state to enjoy. However, whether you’re planning on receiving implants, you need teeth extracted, or you require another type of procedure, you might wonder just what this type of care improves. Is it good for just one particular facet of protecting your oral health, you wonder? Fortunately, a handful of helpful categories will be of assistance.

Your Appearance

Remember that one of the things oral surgery can improve is your appearance. For instance, let’s talk about dental implants. We can replace missing teeth, so when you smile, others see your teeth rather than open spaces. We can replace a full arch of teeth, so that you have the fullness and support your face previously had and you have a smile to show again. Other forms of surgery may also help support your facial structure!

Your Function

You need your smile and tissues to be healthy, full, strong, and more in order to enjoy optimal function. When we perform oral surgery, one of the things we improve is your ability to use your teeth and jaws to their full extent. Whether you require grafting for jaw damage, extractions, dental implants, or anything else, the goal is for your smile to be useful.

Your Oral Health

Your smile’s health often depends on a stable, strong, and balanced framework. When teeth are poorly aligned, diseased, damaged, etc., it can be difficult to care for teeth and gums and to keep all of your tissues healthy. Oral surgery may promote easier care and tissues that may thrive!

Protect Your Smile With Necessary Oral Surgery

When your oral health needs call for oral surgery, seeing us to begin a care plan will guide you toward improvement in many areas! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.