Should I Consider Trefoil Full-Arch Implant Dentures?

Your oral surgeon is an expert source of advice when it comes to restoring a comfortable, natural smile. From consultations on wisdom teeth extraction, to replacing a full ridge of teeth, a trusted oral surgeon in Santa Rosa, CA is an excellent source of information. One of the most distressing situations for many patients occurs when all the teeth on a ridge are missing. If you find yourself facing this challenge, your oral surgeon may recommend Trefoil Full-Arch implant dentures.

Consider Your Health

In cases of edentulism (when an entire upper or lower ridge is without teeth) every aspect of life is affected. Speaking clearly is a challenge. Eating meals is uncomfortable, especially in public. Many foods are difficult to chew, or off the menu entirely. In cases where a diet might already be lacking in nutrients, toothlessness compounds the problem. Added to that may be excess stress and the temptation to isolate from others. Trefoil Full-Arch implant dentures provide replacement teeth that can make healthy meals and social occasions comfortable and enjoyable.

Consider Your Time

The Trefoil system relies on just three implant posts, carefully placed in your jaw. These posts support a titanium bar, which is created ahead of time, rather then requiring an extensive custom manufactured element. The titanium bar is extremely adjustable by your oral surgeon. There are options to adjust the angle of the prosthesis, as well as the horizontal and vertical fit. Because the framework is manufactured in advance, your time in the oral surgeon’s office is usually a single appointment.

Consider The Look of Your Smile

If a titanium bar sounds unattractive, don’t worry. The three implants securely hold the bar, but the visible teeth will be on a natural looking, pink gum-like material, and they will be chosen to complement the shape and size of your mouth and face. If you have the idea that dentures click, pop or look fake, they are probably not well made implant dentures. In most cases, the Trefoil Full-Arch implant dentures provide patients with an honest, comfortable and genuinely happy smiles.

Are Trefoil Full-Arch Implant Dentures Right For You?

Bring your implant denture questions to us. We want to help your healthiest, most time-efficient and natural-looking solution to edentulism. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.