Let’s Review: What Is It That Makes Implants So Unique?

When you start thinking about the fact that there are so many ways to replace missing teeth, you may start to wonder why people always seem to shine a light on dental implants, showcasing them as something unique and more impressive than other solutions. Is this really true, you ask yourself? What’s all the fuss about? Our Rohnert Park, CA team understands that you may feel a bit standoffish and concerned that all of the fanfare might be clouding your judgment. Today, let’s review what really does make them stand apart from other solutions. You will find that while any replacement for your teeth can get the job done, there are benefits to implants that you cannot expect from other treatments.

They Replace Your Roots

You’ll hear this time and time again. If you are new to dental implants, then we remind you that this is one major distinction to keep in mind: Implants are posts. The posts replace the roots of your missing teeth. When you receive implants, it’s through a surgery in which they are placed in your jaw tissue (where your roots were). This is the only process through which you can replace your root tissue. Then, of course, the process is completed when we “restore” the implant(s) with a crown, denture, etc. The result? You have replaced your whole tooth.

They Can Support Removable Or Fixed Restorations

In the world of traditional prosthetics, you’re choosing between bridges (fixed) or dentures (removable). When you receive dental implant support, your fixed versus removable options increase. You can enjoy a fixed denture or removable denture. Or a bridge. Or a crown.

They’re Really, Truly Not Going Anywhere

None of the other prosthetics you receive are going to actually physically bond with your jawbone tissue (or any other tissue for that matter). Yes, you may receive a traditional bridge that a dentist can bond with a special type of glue to your tooth. However, when we say that your dental implant and your jaw tissue bond, we really mean that they fuse and become a single unit. With that said, you hear a lot about how exceptionally stable implants are for your smile because, due to osseointegration (the fusing process), they’re really not going anywhere at all.

Ask For A Review Of Implant Benefits When You See Us

When you come in for your next visit, feel free to ask us to go over the advantages of implants and what sets them apart from other replacements. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.