What Does A New Year Mean For You?

Our Santa Rosa, CA team is curious about something in particular that has nothing to with Christmas (though we bet you thought we were about to mention this merry holiday!). In fact, we are curious about the new year. Are you someone who is quite intent on making the most of crafting deep and meaningful promises to yourself once it’s time for a brand new calendar? Are you looking forward to some specific details in 2019 for which a completed smile with the assistance of dental implants would be most helpful? Let’s find out (and remember, if you have even a slight interest in implants, it is time to see us!).

Are You Looking Forward To Career Changes?

Our team wonders if you have been thinking about going for a promotion at work. Maybe you’ve been considering changing fields. Perhaps you’re just looking to some other sort of career change. No matter the particulars involved, we are curious: Are you confident about your smile? Have you been reflecting on the fact that 2019 seems like it could be so much more fruitful if only you felt confident in your smile? The idea of pushing onward with your goals without all of your teeth, however? It doesn’t seem so great. No problem: Come to us for dental implants and the new year can feel as full of potential as you desire!

Are You Aware Of Some Definite Photos?

Maybe you are a teacher or are in some other profession that means at some point, you’ll be taking photos in the new year. When you’re feeling upset about your smile due to tooth loss and you know that if you would only come in to learn about (and to potentially receive) dental implants and restorations, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore, it’s a sign: It’s time to come in! Remember that we are absolutely here to serve your best interests. There’s no judgment or pressure! We would simply like to learn more about you and find out how we can help you attain a smile you feel wonderful about (and that you’ll be more than willing to have on display in photographs).

See Us For Implants To Promote A Very Happy New Year

Remember that exploring implants in 2019 may offer you benefits you never realized you were missing! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.