How Dental Implants Make Your Smile Almost New Again

Tooth loss isn’t an age-related issue, but after experiencing it, your smile can begin to age much more rapidly. That’s due to the many different negative effects of tooth loss, which only grow worse the longer you neglect to replace the lost tooth/teeth. For patients in Santa Rosa, CA, dental implants offer the most successful way to make their smiles new again by replacing more of their natural tooth structure than other prostheses can. By mimicking the roots of your lost teeth as well as their crowns (visible portions), implants can create a restoration that looks, feels, and performs much more like your healthy, natural teeth.

Tooth Loss and the Life of Your Smile

Your teeth have several roles beyond their obvious duties of biting and chewing your food. For example, every time your bite closes, the pressure stimulates the roots of your teeth, which signals your body to send your jawbone an ample supply of nutrients. This ensures that your jawbone and the oral structures surrounding it remain strong, healthy, and vital for life. However, it also means that losing a tooth (and its root) can adversely affect these structures, leading to increased risks of oral health complications and more tooth loss in the future.

What Dental Implants Accomplish

Truly making your smile new again requires reestablishing these and other vital functions that your healthy, natural teeth are responsible for. That’s only possible with the help of dental implants, which are small posts that are inserted into the jawbone to create root-like anchors for a lifelike dental prosthesis (i.e., crown, bridge, or denture). The anchors stabilize your replacement teeth more comfortably and securely than traditional options, and they offer the stimulation that your jawbone will need to retain its strength and integrity for years to come.

Make Your Smile New Again with Dental Implants

After suffering tooth loss, you can make your smile almost new again thanks to dental implants’ ability to replace your lost teeth roots. For more information about the many different benefits of dental implants, schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.