Saying Yes To Bone Grafts: Some Very Good Reasons

While it may not have been something you really ever expected to need, one day in your life you discover that our oral and maxillofacial surgeon team is recommending bone grafts for your jawbone. Of course, you are at liberty to deny the suggestion and move forward with your life. Or, you can say “yes, of course!” and begin carving a pathway that includes improved oral health, a complete smile, and greatly improved jaw health! So, if what you’re really after from our Santa Rosa, CA team is some very good reasons to choose bone grafting, we do believe we can assist you!

You Really Want Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and you really want dental implants but the verdict is that your jawbone is not currently ready, then you’re going to have a very easy decision set forth before you. If you want to be able to continue on down a path toward replacing teeth with implants and restorations, then jawbone grafting will get you there! We strongly encourage you to speak further with us about the details, as saving your jaw and teeth is certainly to your benefit.

You’d Prefer Not To Lose Any More Teeth

We remind you, as well, that when your jawbone is not as healthy as it could be and fixing it with jawbone grafting would restore its health, this also benefits you by helping you avoid additional tooth loss. A weakened jaw is less likely to be able to continue supporting its teeth (as it is already primed to weaken further).

You’d Like To Regain Your Appearance

If you have suffered from jawbone deterioration and it has affected your appearance, then you may feel quite strongly about finding a way to regain what your smile and entire face once was. Remember that the loss of tissue can cause a loss of support to facial tissues and can cause a slight caving in effect, which may result in an aged look. When you regain the fullness of your jawbone through bone grafting and your facial tissues receive their prior support (and you replace teeth with dental implants), you have brought the framework of your lower face and your outward appearance back to life.

Restore Your Jaw Health With Bone Grafting

Come in for the bone grafting and other oral surgery procedures required to restore the health, strength, and stability of your jawbone! This is a commonly performed procedure that will allow you to become an implant candidate! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.