Seasonal Implant Reminders: 3 Things To Do This Spring

What should you be doing this spring, our Santa Rosa, CA team asks? Well, your initial reaction may be “having fun” and “enjoying the fresh spring air!” However, we remind you that we are a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, so really, our question is linked with what you should be thinking about in terms of your missing teeth. If you’re now quickly getting the idea and your response is, “I should probably be thinking about actually receiving dental implants already,” then you’re on the right track. Why spring, you ask? Why not summer or fall or beyond? Well, consider some new thoughts on the matter.

#1: Plan Ahead For Winter

Whoa there, you may be thinking to yourself. We just got out of winter, so why on earth might our team suggest you start planning for it? You’d really like to soak in the magical goodness of the season of rejuvenation, rather than focusing your thoughts on the chillier time of year. Here’s what we’d like you to remember: Patients frequently wish by the fall and winter months that they had planned far enough in advance to have been ready for holiday time in regard to their smiles. So, if dental implants are on your mind and you have it in you to plan ahead for such occasions and details, see us as soon as you are able to!

#2: It’s So Nice Out

If you are someone who gives yourself seasonal related excuses to not follow through on things like dental care and dental implants, such as, “But I’m too chilled to go out in this!” or, “Ugh, but it’s too hot to get in the car,” then spring just might be your season to get started with those dental implants you need. Hurry up and call us. Set up a consultation! Learn all you need to know about what it will take to replace your teeth for beautiful results and a complete, healthy smile, and you’ll have all the education you need.

#3: It Might Make More Financial Sense

If you happen to have kids, you tend to take luxurious vacations in the summertime, and/or you take the fall and winter holidays seriously, then you may find that nearly every month of the year means spending money on something. Whether it’s throwing a New Year’s party in January, purchasing indulgent love-related gifts in February, planning a big trip for summer, hosting Thanksgiving at your house, or going overboard with holiday gifts, it looks like the one safe season is spring!

Make Use Of Spring For Smile Improvements

Take time this spring to set up a visit with our oral surgery team, so you can set up a foundation for receiving dental implants and getting on-track for a full smile. Once your journey begins, you’ll be done in no time. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.