Reactions You May Get From Loved Ones When You Choose Implants

When the people in your life hear that you’re planning on receiving dental implants to get your smile back to its whole, healthy self again, you may get one of any number of reactions from them! What you want, of course, is for each and every last family member and friend to be happy for you and to be supportive. This, however, is not necessarily always what you will get. To help you feel more prepared in terms of sharing your news, our Santa Rosa, CA team runs through some hypotheticals with you and how you can move forward!

As Mentioned: Happy And Supportive

First, there will most likely be some individuals in your corner when you decide on dental implants for your smile. Those close to you might become your most exceptional cheerleaders, cheering you on every step of the way as you make this very personal decision to replace your missing teeth fully with implants and restorations. For this, you will likely feel quite happy. We don’t have to tell you to give these individuals a quick “thanks” for their support!

Skeptical And Uncertain

Remember, while you know a lot about dental implants, your friends and family might not. As a result of their limited knowledge, you may find that many of them are skeptical and uncertain. Keep in mind that generally speaking, it’s because they need more information and because if they’re close to you, they want to protect you! You may want to do your best to answer their questions and to remind them that you have fully researched your choice!

Supportive But … Something Is Off

Then again, you might have one of those friends or family members who is supportive but something seems a bit strange. If you detect a hint of jealousy, then we suggest you share our contact information with this person! We are happy to help all individuals with their tooth replacement experiences, especially when it includes dental implants!

What You Can Do!

Remember that what you’re doing is replacing your missing teeth. Learning about dental implants and your options takes time, you gain new and valuable education, and it all pertains to your smile. So, regardless of what those around you are feeling or saying, remember to stay true to what will work best for your oral health in the long run. For any questions you have, feel free to contact us!

Receive The Care You Want

Remember that when you’re replacing teeth, it’s important to focus on receiving the type of tooth replacement that works best for you and your wants and needs. To find out how to make this happen, come in! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.